Post your temp. and fan speed! (Unibook Owners PLX)

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by Andy348, Aug 31, 2009.

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    Pretty simple. Watch this AWESOME Toy Story 3 trailer in HD full screen and post your Temperature + fan speed afterwards (specs too if possible :) ).

    Temp: 77 Celcius
    Speed: 4219 RPM


    White MacBook, 2.1Ghz, 4GB Ram, 120GB HD

    I just want to see how different a unibody MB does.
    Thanks :)
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    Temp: 60C
    Fan: 2000rpm

    2.0ghz Unibody MacBook, 2GB RAM, 160GB HDD.

    Starting temp was 51C with 2000rpm fan speed. By the time I finished this post it was back down to 52C.
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    Perfect. Thanks!

    Anyone else? :)
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    Wait where can i see this?
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    Temp 70C
    Fans 2001rpm

    uMBP 15" 2.53 4G

    But the question is... why are you interested or are you just touting the trailer?
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    download and install iStat Pro.
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    Too lazy to write down :)

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    Cause Toy Story is AWESOME?!?!

    Well that and I'm tired of my MacBook fan always sounding like a plane and was wondering if the unibody MacBooks were better. Apparently they are.
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    Running hardly anything gives:

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    Do you have an ssd? Just asking because your HDD temp is at 0C
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    Yes. I also have the Bodyguardz thin film cover and the Incase hardshell cover. And I am relieved that both together do not cause too high a temperature.
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    am not starting anything please leave it at that:).

    i notice my MB heats up more than any of my other PC intel base laptops,

    mine went from 60C 3200 rpm to 72C and 6200 rpm.. am looking at my laptop and dont see any intake vents, the exhaust come out right in front of the lcd screen, not a very smart design am thinking.. i cannt remember seeing vent holes in the keyboard,.
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    Picture 1.png
    the tamp is in fahrenheit
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    4600 RPM
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    UMB 2,4GHz got warmer with SL :(
    4GB Ram
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    4699 RPM

    UMBP 15"- 2.53, 4GB, using 9600M GT, Snow Leopard

    EDIT- Ran fullscreen on 24" LED display
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    MacBook Pro 13 2.26GHz 4GB RAM OS X 10.5.8
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    This is weird.. some people with better computers are doing worse than those with less equipped ones..
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    2.4GHz Aluminum MacBook. 2GB Ram, Snow Leopard... was also watching a DVD at the time, had the comp running for about 2 hours, and had misc. programs minimized. Watched fullscreen in HD.

    That's in Farenheit.. ovb.
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    started out at 51 C at 2000 rpm on both fans
    after trailer climbed to 65 C and fans at same speeds
    then dropped back down to 51 C again

    uMBP 15" with 9400m
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    uhhh 6,188 rpm and 176 F .... why is the fan on my macbook always going crazy when i watch something in HD or something high quality on youtube? is this normal? :(

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    176F=80C, which is pretty hot. By that time my Unibody would be up around 4500-5000rpm and climbing from past experiences.
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    so does my macbook fail? :(
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    76 centigrade, 2004RPM. The fans seem very reluctant to come on under SL.

    Unibody 2.0GHz MacBook. Nowdays my MacBook seems to barely turn on the fan until the temperature is well over 80

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