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Post Your TV Setup!

Discussion in 'Picture Gallery' started by SchneiderMan, Sep 1, 2009.

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    Post your home or bedroom Tv setup! includ everything thats around your tv too i.e gaming consoles, dvd/blu-ray players and so on :D
    Do it!

    Sony 32" Bravia
    new PS3 Slim :D
    Pioneer Dvd Player and TimeWarner HD box.
    Dusty Ikea something..




    Please use "TIMG" tags for your pictures.
    Use whatever camera you have :)
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    Wow thats a great looking tv, pioneer are one of the best.
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    Yeah i really hope that they will start to produce them again ;)
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    Nice TV. The stand is an IKEA LACK, by the way. I just got the birch one. Beautiful.
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    How about some pics or info on that speaker setup? :D
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    Mike Teezie


    Vizio 47" 1080p LCD. I love this television. Blu-rays look absolutely stunning on it. I much prefer it to my Samsung 42"!

    Xbox 360
    Apple TV
    Denon Receiver
    Vintage Marantz HD770 speakers - love these, too.
    Vintage Marantz EQ

    The wires are usually behind the media unit, I just had it all out because I was rearranging everything.
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    SchneiderMan and Mike Teezie- NICE! Both of those are really great looking stands.

    Mike- I really like the symmetry of your whole setup, and that dark wood is awesome. Was the stand originally that color, or is it stained/painted?
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    I love these type of threads.

    Will post my setup later!
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    Very nice picture!

    Thanks :)
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    They are not worth mentioning ;) No but seriously they are some old boxes i got from my uncle, i changed all the elements (mid, bas and tweeter) to elements intended for car audio, the bass drives is 12" and works quite well.

    I am not a bass person, i am more on clear sound, i really want a B&W setup (cm9, cmc2, cm5 and 2x velodyne SPL-1200r) but i cant afford it right now, i am 22 years old and dont have a car yet so i will focus on that first.

    Wow, i really went offtopic with useless information ;)

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    I have a rug just like that one.
    They are so comfy!
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    Mike Teezie

    Thanks. My dad is a custom furniture designer, so I had him build the media stand for me. I had it stained it the dark color to match my dark floors.

    I used to have a big round run in there, but I got tired of it. I'm looking for something else now.
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    40" Sony Bravia 1080p
    Apple TV
    360 Elite.
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    Sure why not...


    Samsung 61" DLP
    Yamaha receiver (I forget which model)
    2 x Klipsch F-2 Floorstanding speakers
    Klipsch C-2 Center speaker
    Xbox 360 Elite (Working on adding a PS3 for some blu-ray)

    Rest of surround sound:
    Klipsch Sub-10 Subwoofer
    A pair of Klipsch in-ceiling speakers (Forgot model)

    Don't look at the mess of wires that I'm too lazy to fix.

    Also happens to be the first picture taken with my new Nikon D5000.
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    Is that some sort of lamp on the ceiling? If it is, it's a pretty huge lamp lol ;)
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    Great looking setups everyone :)
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    ^^ [​IMG]

    Some crazy speakers ya got there, I like the set-up. :D
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    Great speakers, they look really sharp. Is that a projector screen I see above your large LCD? :confused:
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    Thanks both..Yeah Its a projector screen behind the tv.....Only an 84" screen due to being restricted by the throw with this being a bedroom setup.
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    Here is my Samsung Series 7 55" 120 hz. LED LCD TV. The TV is only 29mm thick and hangs like a picture. The Samsung 3.1 sound bar below it with wireless sub. You can see my Klispsch flush mounted wall speakers as well but they don't get much use anymore. The unit below it houses the audio, blue ray and Direct TV.

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