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Post your unibody anti-glare/matte setup

Discussion in 'Picture Gallery' started by ozreth, May 2, 2010.

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    It has been rare to see set up pics that include a unibody matte screen MBP, but I feel like the prevalence has increased with the recent refresh as a lot of people seem to be going for the AG option. Mine won't be here for a few more days but I figured I'd get this rolling anyways.

    Post em!
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    Post people post! Hardly seen any in the setup thread.
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    what a shame, no pictures :(
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    Just a quick snapshot of the desk in my dormroom.

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    w00t! Thanks for breaking the ice, looks solid! happy with it?
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    Would you mind sharing the model of that display?
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    My desk is so empty since the iMac got traded... now everything is on my headboard!


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    its a 206 BW. I got a real good deal on it awhile back. Its decent, but if i had to pay full price for it, I would have bought something else.

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