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Post your (Would-be) Starship

Discussion in 'Picture Gallery' started by iWright, Nov 2, 2009.

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    Not sure if this has been done though sounds like quite a cool idea. Mainly aimed at the sci-fi fans out there; Post the starship you would command/own/etc. if you could.

    Not really sure about tagging etc. Sorry :S

    Here's mine:

    The Federation Time Ship Relativity, Well's Class
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    THe ultimate deep-space(opera) craft...


    Suitable for travel to the domain of the dark space-lord Xenu, and casting souls into the volcanos, to be detonated with atomic bombs...

    You can't make this up. Someone already did.
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    I would take the Super Star Destroyer Executor.

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    Too many people needed to run it. I'd rather have something I can take care alone or with a couple of friends. And from what I've seen, the damn thing is one Borg attachment away from doing Time Travel.

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    The White Star from Babylon 5.

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    I'd captain Serenity

    ...and of course have Inara come along
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    that drej planet destroyer......:p

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    Now didnt that thing always break down?

    Now if you get her to come along...breaking down might not be so bad....:p

    And for me...i knows its a little big but ive always liked the Earth ships from stargate.

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    Always loved the dark side...

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    Real Starship


    Dude this is a real Starship one of my customers had. He took me to a fishing tournament in Costa Rica in it totally cool.
  12. Ryan1524, Nov 2, 2009
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    If we're talking real planes, I want one of these:

    Gulfstream G550

    I like the sleek body better than the G650, but almost the same range.
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    Les Kern

    The Homer. Made the Tatoone run in 2.6 parsecs.

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    I'm stealing the daedalus class too. kkthx.
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    Valley Forge, Silent Running

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    The O'neill class Asgard ship

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    I'd have to go with the Eagle 5:
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    [​IMG] Nothing beats it.:cool:
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    Delta Flyer II

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    Mostly just the sixes, the twos and threes aren't so bad but the ones have to go.:D
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    Let's build this planet on rock and roll!!
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    I'd have to go with.....

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    Powered by the Infinite Improbability Drive. Of course, I'd want to change the name to Enterprise.;)

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    Unspoken Demise


    Sovereign. F*** yeah!

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