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Potential First Image of MFi Gaming Controller Surfaces

Discussion in 'iOS Blog Discussion' started by MacRumors, Jun 16, 2013.

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    During Apple's WWDC keynote, the company revealed that it would begin supporting MFi (Made for iPhone) certified gaming controllers. Since then, new details have emerged, suggesting that Apple is planning to partner with both Logitech and MOGA to work on the controllers.

    Apple has thus far provided reference images displaying two different controller types; one that is a standalone handheld controller and another that is an iPhone enclosure. Kotaku today posted an image of the latter controller type, which the site says has been manufactured by Logitech.

    The image, which depicts what is probably an early prototype, shows a d-pad on the left side of the controller with a set of buttons on the right side. It looks fairly slim, and also sports a lightning connector. As our sister site TouchArcade points out, given the thriving iPhone and iPad accessory market, this is just the first of many controllers that will likely hit the market later this fall.

    Article Link: Potential First Image of MFi Gaming Controller Surfaces
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    That's not a joystick to the left, it's a D-pad.
    This device is using the standard profile of the MFi Game Controller specification.
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    I am more interested in the stand alone controller (for both iPhone & iPad use) but still cool that apple is allowing both "case type" and gamepad type options in IOS 7.

    I assume the lightning connection would either allow direct input (vs bluetooth) or allow the extra space in the controller to be used for an auxiliary battery. (Actually, it might work the other way, allow the iPhone's battery to power the controller case.)
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    Come on, we can do better than this.
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    iPhone already has pretty beefy graphic pushing abilities. Apple can easily encroach on the Vita and DS with a proper controller for the iPhone.
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    No, no , no logitec!

    It needs to be a FPS style like the WiiU Pro!

    You can no longer game with an NES style controller! Two analog sticks under each thumb & the buttons below, done!
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    Do y'all think they'll use some adapter for the iPod touch? Or manufacture separate case style controllers?
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    this concept is sooooooo old. Make it a reality please
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    So we're "finally" seeing a prototype of what Tim Cook already showed us on Monday?!? WOW GUYS!!!!!!


    Game controller is an interesting and important topic, but I'm glad this "news" came out now, as I needed something to help put me to sleep on a Sunday night.
  10. TMar, Jun 16, 2013
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    Ben done...

  11. ConCat, Jun 16, 2013
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    Goodbye Nintendo.

    Easily... I find that the main appeal of the DS and Vita is the physical controls. The iPhone's screen is wonderful for gameplay, and as you said, the GPU they come with tend to be quite capable. Just look at Infinity Blade II. Nintendo was hemorrhaging money in 2012, so I can't imagine they'll exist for much longer.
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    This does put pressure on the 3DS and Vita, but I think the nVidia Shield will feel the most direct impact. 3DS and Vita have dedicated games can draw people to those platforms whereas the nVidia Shield is offering slightly enhanced mobile games with physical controls. Yes it can stream games from PC, but then I'd think most people would rather just play on PC with keyboard and mouse. With iOS devices having the option of officially supported physical controls now too, I think the $349 Shield is going to have even more difficulty finding a market.
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    That would be true if the shield was limited to android games or that games aren't being developed directly for it, but it's not. Games developed for the shield and to take advantage of the hardware along with PC games being streamable to it puts it in a different category well above a iOS controller...
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    The photo is blurry enough, so it must be legit!
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    Sweet, cool concept, but I would also like a standalone controller to use for the iPad.
  16. APlotdevice, Jun 16, 2013
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    My concern is whether this controller has shoulder buttons? IMO this is where conventional iOS controls are lacking the most. (afterwhich would be d-pads, then face buttons. I think the touchscreen does an acceptable job of mimicking an analog stick.)
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    Considering these were shown during a certain WWDC session, someone is seriously breaking their developer NDA by posting this. Their word obviously means nothing to them.
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    With Steve Jobs no longer around to tell us these things aren't elegant enough for his device...
    OS 7 and this controller prove it.
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    It has the potential for exclusive games, especially with a stable hardware spec, but have there been any major ones announced? The ones they often promote like Arma Tactics and Dead Trigger 2 are available on other Android devices.
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    totally aggree!

    NES Controller is pretty much outdated for current games... wont buy it.

    but i would like a dual analog controller to play fps. i dont like the "touchscreen analog stick" ****.
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    Yeah! Steve jobs is gone now we can build a ****** controller and a bad looking iOS!
  22. APlotdevice, Jun 17, 2013
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    It's a SNES-like controller, not a NES controller. The latter only had two buttons and is indeed too basic for all but the simplest games today. The former though still works perfectly for 2D games, of which there are a plenitude on iOS. Also these controls could concivably be used in tandem with the touchscreen, which again I believe does an acceptable job for analog input. (if virtual "analog sticks" aren't your thing, then I'll just say that a touchscreen is basically the same technology as a trackpad, just with the addition of a display)
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    He really sounded like a douche with that opener about jobs.
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    im just talking about first person shooter like nova, splintercell, and all other gameloft shooter... for those games, a dual analog stick controller is the best choice.

    worst thing of controlling games on ios devices is that u cover 1/3 of the screen with ur thumbs.
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    you really think people take apple nda seriously ? lol

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