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Power adapter flashing green (Powerbook)

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by MACDragan, Aug 5, 2004.

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    I'm a new MAC user (my last apple computer was an Apple IIc). I just got a brand spankin' new 12" Powerbook (I'm LOVIN it!) and am a little unsure of the power adapter light. It is solid orange when charging and solid green when fully charged and awake, but when it is fully charged and asleep - it flashes green :confused: . Is this normal, or is it some kind of error code? TIA...

    Edit: Computer info: 1.33 GHz PowerPC G4 12" Powerb; Mac OS X (10.3.x); 768 MB DDR SDRAM
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    I've never heard of this problem but I didn't want no one to reply to you so I've got a couple questions.

    Is it flashing rapidly or slowly?
    Is flashing green to orange or green to nothing?
    Have you searched the Apple support forums to see if there were any similar problems from other people?

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    Have to concur with mkubal..

    Although im the proud owner of a Powerbook (Alu 1,25ghz), i've never seen the poweradapter flash.

    Indeed might check the apple fora or else call apple
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    I just tried it on my new 15" PB, and the adapter does not flash when i put it to sleep.
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    My powerbrick never flashes.
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    mine never flashes either. just stays solid green when fullly charged and asleep or oragne when charging and asleep
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    Don't freak out, just call the apple store and they'll be happy to help you. My 12" came with a messed up trackpad. I brought it back to the store the next day and they completely replaced it for me. Apple is your friend, and they'll do everything to stay that way.
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    Does the sleep light breath normally or flash also? Do you have any USB devices plugged in while sleeping?

    I had a problem with my Powermac a while ago where the sleep light would flash when a USB hard drive was left plugged in.
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    That has happened to me too, it seems like when it is sleeping and the powerbook fully charges it flashes green, but when i unplug it and plug it back in it stops, I always thought it was a thing to notify the user that the powerbook has just fully charged, or maybe that was just wishful thinking, my powerbook 12 inch 1.33 is just three weeks old.
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    sounds weird. take it to an apple store, or call and ask apple care, everything is free for the first 90days (if you didnt by the extended applecare) my light is always solid green, or solid orange if charging.
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    I know

    I had this problem when I was using a 50watt power adapter in the UK. The problem is your powerbook is trying to draw too much power and it's making the circuit go on and off. Try plugging into a different outlet on a different circuit and see if you still get the problem.
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    It may be your outlet giving your trouble, or it could be the adapter itself taking in too much power. Talk to apple about sending you a new one, they overnight it and you send the old one back in the same box, hassle free.
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    The good news is that the light goes red when there's a problem. If it's flashing green, it can't be anything too bad.

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    WOW! Thanks for the responses!! I posted this same question a week ago in the apple support forums and got one response in 6 days. Here I get 12 responses in 6 hours!! This forum ROCKS!!

    It is a slow flashing from green to green. It only happens when the pbook is fully charged in sleep mode. If I unplug it and plug it back in it does not flash anymore. Also, if I bring it awake and then put it back to sleep, it stays solid green. The white sleep light on the front is a slow pulsating.

    I think jopling and kingsnapped are on the right track. I'm going to try running some tests tomorrow. Running down my battery a bit, and then plugging it into an outlet that I know is good, different outlets, surge controls, UPCs, etc. If nothing gives after that I think it will be off to call apple...

    Again, a big THANK YOU MacRumors Forums!!
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    maybe its not plugged in all the way?
    Just a suggestion, dont flame me or anything :p
    sometimes it wont stay a solid color if its not plugged in correctly.
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    hi guys i called apple they said that they have no record of this beeing a new feature they are sending me an new adapotor out overnight so aney one else that has this problems call apple they will take care of it :) that why you got to get APP

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    so what happened?

    I need to know because I'm having the same issue, and they suggested I send in my BRAND NEW Powerbook for service.

    forget that!

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    well i called them up and they had to talk to an apple specalist and said that they have no idea why its doing that so the specilaset recomented to replace my 45w power adaptor :) and it has solved all of my problems no more blinking light

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