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Power Consumption?

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by supercooled, Jan 20, 2008.

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    I know the Mac Pro isn't exactly energy efficient but I do tend to leave my computers on for prolonged periods idling. Someone mentioned in another thread that the Mac Pro has a 1000W+ PSU. Typically, how much are you eating up if you're running the 2.8Gz, 8GB Ram, 2 drive with the stocked 2600XT? Assuming no number crunching is being done.

    The energy bill came in this month and it was over $300. :rolleyes:
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    I posted some links to power consumption numbers in this thread.


    The bottom line is that each system will be slightly different, depending upon configuration, monitor selection, usage, etc.. There are certainly things you can do to reduce your power consumption like shutting off your monitor rather than displaying a screensaver and reducing the amount of activity running in the background when the computer is not in use.

    Once I receive mine, I'll post some ballpark numbers from my APC's display.
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    My Mac Pro 2.8 octo arrived today and i plugged it into a consumption tester, i was very surprised to see that it averaged around 150 watts while i was web browsing.

    I have 2 hdd's inside.
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    WOW thats low I have checked my G5 2.3DC with a kill a watt meter and it averages 225 to 250 watts.
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    What would be it's wattage during sleep?
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    well when i first got it before switching on although there was power to the mac the wattage was about 2 watts :) so you can say that it was in a "powered off" state. Even at 2 watts when switched off is very impressive, if you think that it doesn't really have a hard wired power switch at the back of the machine.

    In a sleep state if memory serves it was 8 or 9 watts, again very impressed :)

    I think Apple made a massive effort to get all of these values down.

    To compare, an Athlon 64 system I have (which isnt switched on anymore :) ) had 2 gig ram and 2 hd's used about 260 watts when idle. That was one of the main reasons that I switched over to mac's as at the time I knew the old 24" imac only used about 110 watts and I had my pc on all the time during the day.

    Dont forget your monitor wattage as well...

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