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Power cord patent threatened by 'fryer art'

Discussion in 'MacBytes.com News Discussion' started by MacBytes, Jan 14, 2006.

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    Link: Power cord patent threatened by 'fryer art'
    Description:: As Jobs explained, MagSafe is a "new power adaptor...that's magnetically held in and when the cord gets yanked it just pulls right off. It works beautifully." And he's right--that's why it's been a standard feature in many kitchen appliances for several years

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    Innovative indeed, lol
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    Huh? Never seen that in a kicken appliance before...
    Still, it's a great idea! Wish my laptop had it too.
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    Hey, Apple did add a wee bit to their version. The power cords for cooking have a definite top and bottom, but the MacBook ones have extra contacts so they can be attached either way. And blinkenlights too!
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    The new powercord is number one on my list as improvements to the new MacBook Pro. My 15" has dropped twice and of course has landed on the power adaper. I have gone through two adapters and the case and power slot is all f'd up! Current design gets my "Worst design ever!" award.
  6. TMA
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    I can quite confidently say that i've never, ever, seen a kitchen appliance, or anything else for that matter, use a magnetic power cord connection.

    I don't agree that it's a 'standard feature in many kitchen appliances'.
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    Dude, why do they even have to get a patent for this? It's just the powercord...who really cares if another company makes something similar.

    Is the one they have now patented too? I've seen other ones with a light around the ring and the same shape almost...
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    A least I don't have any kitchen appliances with MagSafe...
    Apple's the first to use it with notebooks - maybe it's nothing completely new, who cares?
    Big shame on all manufacturers for not coming up with that sooner!
  9. arn
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    someone gave us a small deep-fryer for xmas. it did have a magnetic power cord.

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    It's a fairly new standard in the US, no doubt the safety requirements are different where you are. They really have become common on things like fryers and fondue pots here.
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    that's probably the best thing to have such a power cord on... Oh man one can imagine some bad scenarios with a fixed-cable one.... eeew.
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    I'm living in Japan, and every rice-cooker and hot water machine has a magnetic power cord. In the states, most people don't have these appliances, so you wouldn't notice.
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    It's pretty common in counter-top appliances. Items like deep friers and the lot.
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    well...its new to apple so:D

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    Since it is for a computer, and since it operates on a different voltage and plug configuration, they may just get it.
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    You must be new to this country - welcome.
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    Yup, our deep fryer's got one, and believe it or not I have wished my PB and iBooks had it. The conection of the power cord to the laptop is just too flimsy for my taste. I've replaced many power cords because of breakage at the point where the cord leaves the molded male input connector.
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    Never realised until this week the troubles people have with power cords. I guess I was always taught to keep them tidy and out of the way so no-one trips over them.

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