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power issues with Ibook

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by one1, Jun 28, 2007.

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    I have two Ibooks. One of them will shut off when I plug the power cord in. I thought it may be the battery so I tried my other battery and same problem. I just swapped floppy drives between the two last night.

    I thought maybe I got something crossed up so I took it COMPLETELY apart down to the frame and could not find an issue anywhere that was obvious.

    Any ideas?
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    Will the one that shuts off power up again while still plugged in?

    Have you tried swapping power supplies? (I don't know why this would make a difference but you might as well start eliminating possibilities)

    Are the ibooks IDENTICAL models?

    One thing that is possible is that the power management profile has become corrupted, you may want to try doing an OS re-install. (erase and install option). If the ibooks are not identical then there may be an incompatibility with the power profile from the other computer now trying to work on the current computer.

    Just some thoughts

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    yes it will power up, but the speakers start making noise so I unplug it pretty much immediately and it kills it when I do that. It seems to have issues switching between the battery and the cord. I THOUGHT I had found the issue (see picture) however it did not help.

    They are identical books. The other cd drive went into the other book with no issues. They are mirrored HD's and everything 100% identical.

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    try resetting the PMU I think that it is starting up with cmd+opt+p+r, that may help it.
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    PMU reset did not work.

    It's not the OS or HD. I swapped back to a 10 gig with OS 9 on it and it still does it.

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