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Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by meezvzw, Jun 26, 2009.

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    I have a Power Mac G4 350Mhz (Yikes, PCI graphics) (M7826LL/A). And i have an extra LG GSA-H10L, can i put that in the Mac? Or does it need to be a specific apple one?
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    Macs (from my own experience) will support really anything that you install into it with full support from OS-X.
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    Dave H

    Just to be safe, you might try booting from the LG drive with a retail OS install disk.
    B&W G3s are kind of picky about which optical drives the will start up from.
    I used to have a B&W with a Lite-On burner, and a firmware update made the drive non-bootable.
    This page has many user reviews of drive upgrades in Macs.
    Note: To boot a PCI graphics G4 from an OS install disk, hold the C key. G4 and earlier Macs with PCI graphics don't have the Option-boot feature.
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    Alright, What will happen when i hold down the "c" key? Do i need to put the disk in first? What do i do after the i hold down the "c" key?
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    Dave H

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