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Power Mac G4 Wireless Help

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by canthatenuff, Aug 21, 2008.

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    My father just gave me a Power Mac G4, but it doesnt have a wireless card. I know that the Apple Airport cards work but I was wondering if there was anything cheaper than the 60-100$ I would have to pay for one of these.
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    Keep an eye out for a Asus PCI WL-138G. It reputably works natively (no drivers).
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    The Asus WL-138G Mk 2 PCI card worked flawlessly in my MDD. Exactly like an Airport card.
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    The D-Link DWL-122 usb adapter will work with any PPC mac and it's usually pretty cheap (like $10-20 used). :)
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    Thanks for confirming this, I had seen it mentioned working for hackintoshes but if it should work for them it should work for a PPC as well
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    I can confirm the Asus works just fine in a DP500 G4 Gigabit Ethernet model running 10.5.6. Card is recognized as a third party adapter in System Profiler

    Get a beefier antenna than the droopy 2 db antenna it comes with though
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    The original airport cards have come down in price. Where do you see them still selling for $60-$100??? They can be had for $30 now a days. But getting any of the other options can get you a G speed card as the original AP was only 802.11b.

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