Power Mac G4 "Yikes!" - Trying to install OS X Snow Leopard onto a new hard drive

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by takethislife, May 30, 2011.

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    Hello, as the title says, I am trying to install OS X Snow Leopard onto my Power G4 with a new (but partitioned) hard drive, and I am having problems. Whenever I hold "c" after hearing the power chime, it does nothing and show the flashing finder and question mark. When I hold down alt/option it just shows two buttons - one with a "refresh" arrow, and one which looks like a "next" arrow, which does nothing when I click it. Could anyone please assist me with this? Thanks in advance.

    Also, this is my first post on this forum, and I'd like to give a warm and humble hello to you all!

    - Alex
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    It is not possible to install snow leopard on a PPC machine.
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    Snow Leopard only supports Mac with Intel CPUs. It cannot be installed on a G4.
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    What is the highest OS that can be installed onto it?
    (Good thing I borrowed the CD from a friend!)
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    As far as I can remember, 10.4 is the newest supported version for that machine, however 10.3 may be a better choice if you have limited RAM.
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    So, would that be "Tiger"?
    Sorry, this is my real first time actually using a Macintosh machine.
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    Yep, 10.4 is the latest supported version. You will need at least 1GB RAM to run 10.4 well, and 1.5GB would be better (if that much is supported by that computer)
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    I'm not planning on spending TOO much on this thing, but if I come into some extra money (or feel like taking an old machine apart) I'll put some new chips into it. Thanks!
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    OS 10.5 can be installed on some G4 machines, depending on the processor speed. However, "LeopardAssist" can get you around those limitations.
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    Having got it on my G4/450 Sawtooth I would highly recommend against installing 10.5 on anything under a 667 G4 without upgrading the Graphics. I tried it on the original Rage 128 and it is, to say the least, absolutely diabolical. (Think waiting a noticeable number of seconds to open a window with the dull dock and spotlight and a host of other things off).
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    You're right about that. My sawtooth was upgraded to 1.3GHz and is just "OK" with Leopard.
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    Yes. Running anything from Tiger beyond without a Quartz Extreme graphics card (Radeon/Geforce2 or better on an AGP or better bus) is really painful, as much of the graphics processing is offloaded (slowly) to the CPU, which slows down the whole system. A Yikes G4 can only do Quartz Extreme with hacked video drivers to allow QE over PCI; this still requires a Radeon/Geforce2 or better. I wouldn't go above 10.3 with the stock video card in that machine.
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    Unless you have software that requires 10.4 Tiger, I'd put 10.3 Panther. Tiger needs "a lot" of RAM.
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    You can go to 10.5.8 Leopard. That's the highest it'll take. I have one.
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    3 1/2 years after the question, but better late then never as the saying goes.
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    I'd stick with Tiger. Toss in some more ram and a Radeon 9200 PCI card and you'll be on your way with a nice old Mac!
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    Skip the ATI 920" and go with a GeForce 5200. It'll give you CoreImage, but you'll loose OS 9 video acceleration.

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