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Power Mac G5 - Cannot boot from firewire portable hd

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by neenja, Aug 17, 2009.

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    I have a MBP intel that I made a clone off via superduper on my portable firewire hd. I'm trying to get my power mac g5 to boot off of the clone via the portable hd.

    I've tried checking Startup Disk within the sys pref area but it does not list the portable hd there, although, I am able to see the hd on the desktop (add, del, move files etc)... so the portable hd is working fine.

    I've also tried booting up holding down the Option key but it doesn't work, I think it is because I am using a wireless logitech pc keyboard (no i dont have any other keyboard to use unfortunately).

    I did a search and apple said to make sure that I update my firmware? Not sure where to find that specific firmware to make this work.

    From what I know, powermac g5's are not able to boot off of USB, but firewire is fine.. is this correct? I want to be able to boot off my portable hd so I can run idefrag to defrag my hd in order to get bootcamp installed.

    Before anyone goes off and tells me that macs do not need to be defragged, I beg to differ. I did the same for this macbook pro of mine and my bootcamp xp install finally worked.

    But if anyone can please help me get my Power Mac G5 to boot off my portable firewire hd, i would be forever greatful! Thank YOU!
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    i hope someone can help :(

    been googling all night and cant find a solution
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    PM G5 FW boot

    I get this a lot - if you haven't done this in a while, then reset the PMU & PRAM. That normally kicks the FW chip into doing something. If you run software update & no firmware updates show up - you're up to date.

    99% of the time it works for me. Very rare for FW to be only issue on a Mac.

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    hmmm, ive tried reseting pram/nvram and it still didnt work..

    i can try PMU probably tomorrow, im on carpet so dont wanna mess things up.

    thanks for the input firearse!
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    100% spot-on.

    Apologies neenja - you're not going to get that to work. You'll need a PPC Mac in Target disk mode to startup the G5.
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    Couldn't the OP make an APT clone and then just attach it via SATA?
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    Just repartition the firewire drive as APM, redo the clone, reboot and hold down option
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    I have 2 partitions on my 1TB portable hd.. one for the clone of this MBP and the other for just backing up files and such.

    Is it possible for me to make another small partition? I can also just clone what I have on my PPC G5, I just got done formatting it and I have idefrag installed on that machine as well.

    "Just repartition the firewire drive as APM, redo the clone, reboot and hold down option "

    I will try that option, but just want to make sure I will be able to make another small partition on my portable hd to clone whats on my ppc g5 first.

    Thank You again for all the help!

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