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Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by Jeisin, Oct 7, 2012.

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    So quick intro...

    I just so happened to find someone toss out a nice
    Power Mac G5
    OSX Version 10.2.8
    1 Gig Of Ram

    I was able to remove the previous Owners password and create a account of my own with full Admin.

    I removed all of the previous users data.

    Upon account set up and boot up,I have no access to system preferences *it just wont load*. The I.E Browser installed is Beyond slow or capable of doing anything but loading Google, i cant install safari Nor chrome or any other browser for the matter.

    Ical Safari and few other icons on the dock have the greyed out ? mark.

    What would some of you recommend i do in getting this machine in simple working order.. *Web Browsing,Music Listening,Youtube,Facebook,Email ETC

    Whats the highest or optimal version of OSX I Could possibly run?

    Thanks in advance
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    That PowerMac will be able to run up to Leopard/10.5.8. It will run it fairly well too.
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    So how easy and cost effective is it to get a hold of a copy of Leopard?
    Should i just take a trip to the good ol apple store?

    Also if u put another 2 gigs of memory would it be logical to run Snow Leopard?
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    PowerPCs can't run Snow Leopard.

    I was looking around for an install copy of Leopard as well. Because of low supply and high demand, the prices are steep on eBay and Amazon.
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    Leopard will run just fine with 1GB of ram. But finding it will be hard. Some people have gotten it by calling Apple's support line. The Apple Store's likely don't have any copies to sell or give out anymore.
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    on eBay it runs $100-150 for the retail version, which is a black disc with the large X on it. You do not want the gray colored disc versions of Leopard, they're system specific disks only for later Macs. Do a search for Leopard Retail DVD.
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    The prices are insane for an installation cd... especially when there's hard drives pre installed for 40$. But even then id like a solid copy since i wanna tinker around and usually prone to mess something up:D
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    Then you'll pay the $100 to $150 for the install disc.
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    Intell, no offense but I have to disagree.
    1 GB is enough for it to run normally but if you are browsing or want to do a bit more heavy lifting it "chokes".

    Having multiple Tabs open, Safari needs more RAM and gets slow, I have the problem that I can not install more RAM(Lower slot PB problem) and I can see the VM grow over time.
    Itunes, especially when Safari is also open will get terribly slow.
    I would recommend more RAM, the more the better.

    Don't ever use IE

    That's because the Application have been moved or been deleted, if I remember well in the earlier OS X if you moved an Application out of the Application Folder it could not find it and if that same Application was in the dock it displayed a grey question mark, later OS X versions don't have the problem when an Application is moved, it will still display the Icon.

    As other ones have said, install 10.5.8, install 10.5 first and use Software Update.
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    To the Op..

    If you don't feel like paying a lot for a retail disk, you could always download the PowerPC Enhanced Leopard which includes all updates and stripped Intel code. Its a completely empty OS which has been stripped of all Intel code from Applications to core system files.

    I can provide the Leopard Enhanced PowerPC only if you would like. I just have to upload it to my Dropbox account. Let me know. It does work as I have it running on my PB G4 1.67 DLSD.

    Also, want to add that contrary to popular belief it is indeed POSSIBLE to boot OS X Leopard from a USB thumb drive. I have done it and actually have adopted USB as my port of choice for booting and loading stuff.

    Again, if you wish to pay 100-150+ for the Leopard retail disc by all means, go ahead.. but the PowerPC Enhanced Leopard I have will do everything you need and with no Intel code at all it does run quite nicely.

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    The PowerPC Enhanced Leopard is an illegal pirated version of Leopard. Furthermore, I've found it to be slower than my own optimized version of Leopard.
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    How is it slower with all or most of the intel code gone from it? Bear in mind I also compared it to installing a fresh Leopard on my PB G4 also.. and using monolingual(I know, read its a dangerous program to use) I was able to remove all Intel code.

    Or is there something I am missing? You tell me as I certainly would love to know what I can do to further refine Leopard on my own PB G4 and do what I haven't already done.

    Sorry for posting the PPC Enhanced Leopard.. that was my mistake.

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    I've removed all Intell code myself, cleaned up and removed unneeded launch daemons/agents, removed extra startup items/kexts/languages/menu items/etc. All around the speed gain is quite dramatic and far outstrips anything that can be packaged as it is uniquely done on all of my machines. Each for their own hardware.
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    I would be interested in knowing what app you used to achieve this. If not monolingual, then what can I use to get the most speed out of my PB G4 1.67? And yes, I have my own Leopard disc which is 10.5 to be exact :)

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    I used the ditto command in Terminal to exercise the Intell code from the binaries. A custom shell script to remove the laguages. And launchd to change the launch daemons/agents. Everything else was Finder or Terminal commands.
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    Because removing the Intel code won't make it faster. It only frees up disk space.
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    It does slightly make it faster. It reduces the overhead on the hard drive and removes the need for the system to selectively compute only its code and it removes the excess Intell code from the memory.
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    Zeke D

    The unit will run fine with only 1GB of ram. I ran a G4 eMac with only 1GB of ram and played several games, photoshop, logic pro, final cut and played webgames like minecraft and runescape. I briefly ran my G5 with 1GB when I was troubleshooting and it ran just as good as that old eMac. If you can get ram cheap, do it. Otherwise it will be fine.
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    Its been a few days and I can't get a hold of a OEM disk.... I wouldn't mind trying your drop box version in box me...
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    How to cluster 30nos. Power mac g5 systems

    Please help me.

    We have a requirement of 30 nos. Power mac g5 systems cluster.
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    So what are you trying to do, buy 30 PMG5? Cluster 30 you already have?

    You should probably open a new thread and give more details on what you need help with......
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    I used to have a Powermac G5 1.8GHz (the model above yours with faster ram), it was okish at web browsing etc. and YouTube through vlc worked quite well. I had a full 8GB of ram in that machine and it didn't make a real difference whatsoever, I only ever used about 3GB with caching on eyetv 2.
    You only need about 3-4GB of ram to work efficiently on a G5 , the real bottle-neck is the processor.
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    I agree entirely. RAM use age in these is very good and with the maximum 4gb I have never got near it on my 1.6ghz machine. Web is ok on TenFourFox and Youtube using the HTML5 player works well in browser(my wife can't stand Mactubes) though processor gets hit hard.
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    Try vlc player it speeds up playback as a whole. 480p is entirely possible. Just copy the link from the browser and play it in vlc.
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    powermac g5 won't complete startup.

    My 2.7ghz DP PM G5 chimes, goes as far as initializing the keyboard and then stops: no fans, no screen activity. Any ideas?

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