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Power Mac G5 Otical drive Parts

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by Encanto, Feb 17, 2009.

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    Hello everyone. Please accpet my apologies if this has been asked in the past. Can someone guide me or direct me where I can find the metal sheet that goes aroound the optical drive and the screws that holds the optical drive in the bay together. I included some pictures so you guys can see what I am talking about. Thank you for your help.



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    The G5 never used a "caddy" so are you talking about a G4? The G5 used pins on the bottom that would slide in and lock when you close the lever.

    N/M, the pictures are working now.
    I don't know where you can find the surround but found these mounting screws on ebay.
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    I can't remember if I have an extra surround or not. If i do, I'll sell it to you. You have to order or jerry rig the screws, not that hard.
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    If you have one or know where i can get the metal sorrounding please let me know. Thank you very much!
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    i tried to do some digging....

    not sure what type of prices your looking for but unless perhaps the other posters in the thread can offer a deal.




    Drive Bay Shield-

    there are multiple ones under each G5 section, a few range of prices, not sure if there are differences or not.


    (with mac-pro.com id call or email to find out first if they actually have this parts available, im not sure the reliability of this site or their updated status.)
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    Wow, thanks man. Thats great!!

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