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Power Mac G5 styled case for Mac mini

Discussion in 'MacBytes.com News Discussion' started by MacBytes, Aug 4, 2005.

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    I'll give an "insanely stupid, but I think I want one"
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    Wow, that is so utterly cool.
    They have one on the site that can house two mac minis. It'd be nice if there was a way to cluster their computing power for every day apps.

    I'd have a 10-stack tower fabbed and stick it under my desk to help with FCP renders.

    Sweet idea. I really want to fab a mac mini case now.
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    OS X Server on one + Firewire? I seem to recall a guy making a cluster recently that was obscenely powerful given the cost.
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    The little TINY case shown in the picture is pretty cool :) Useless but cool :)

    The larger ones I'm not so sure about.
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    The big case is for the Cube.
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    I thought Cube at first, but the slot's in the wrong place. It would fit a Mini with air underneath, but a Cube's drive is centered on top.
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    I was thinking about the slot in the cube one too. The cube can't be tilted in there can it? Where are the ports on the cube?

    Mini case is cool. Just adds to the cost of the computer though. Is running the mini sideways any good for it? Especially the slot drive?
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    Insanely stupid, yet very tempting to purchase...if I had a Mac Mini, of course... :rolleyes:
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    AFAIK a Cube can run tipped forward: the cables come out the bottom or back. But the optical slot is centered, so I don't see it ever lining up with that case. I think that case must be some other Mini product. Or maybe they sell an external optical that sits on top of the Cube? Or you extract the Cube's own drive and mount it there?
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    ummm, the optical drive is along the front edge of the top, not in the middle of the top, thus if it were tipped forward, then rotated 180 degrees, the optical drive would be at the top of the front as pictured on those cases.

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    Yes, the big one is for the Cube. Yes, it'll fit fine. See this page for further pics (and where they specifically mention "Cube"). I have a Cube and figure it will fit fine. The optical drive slot is not perfectly centered across the entire top of the Cube; it actually sits nearer one of the edges, opposite the power button.
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    mad jew

    That's got nothin' on my new mini case.


    Nah, but am I the only one who actually prefers the consumer Mac look over the Pro line? I think Apple's just slightly overdone the aluminium thing with the Power Mac. :(

    If there was a case that made it look like an iBook...
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    If you think the G5 would look right at home behind the meat counter at a supermarket, you're not alone.
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    Really? I thought it would quickly overheat if run sideways. Something about the fanless convection-cooling design.

    Although I suppose you could install a fan to get around this.
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    That answers that! "Mystery" solved. I must have had the toaster metaphor stuck in my brain :) Thanks for the correction.
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    I like that look.
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    There's a photoshop idea for anyone who has the time to kill. A combination Macintosh/meat slicer. So you can serve your customers, perform inventory control and download $0.99 songs all at the same time.
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    I like the look of the G5s too. Simple and sleek and minimalist, very Apple--but industrial.

    I do not like the size :)
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    That is EXACTLY what is hinding under my desk...to the T.

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