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Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by bryantsiphone, Dec 21, 2010.

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    Tonight i bought a Power Mac G5 1.8Ghz Single Core,
    went to the guys house, it was hooked up working great,
    cam home and hooked it up,
    The 20" Studio Display's Power Button is on,
    it turns the computer on and off but no display.
    as the computer is on for just a minute or two the fans boot up
    and gets louder and louder.
    any suggustions?
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    Thank you, on it now :)
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    Having to reset P-Ram again, why might this be?
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    Did it work the first time? If, so, maybe the PRAM battery got loosened during the move, or maybe it needs a new one?
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    Yes, it worked the first time, and haven't worked since.
    had the battery checked was good,
    tried new ram good.
    sometime in the night no status light on mac or monitor.
    did a command option o f
    worked restarted the computer turned it off and back on no problem,
    moved it of work station to desk (different room)
    now nothing again...
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    Sounds like it might be a finicky monitor cable or video card. Is the video card seated snugly? Does the monitor cable make a good connection with the video port? Are there any bent pins or anything of that nature with the monitor cable or video port?
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    tried different monitor, i do not get a start up chime.
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    yes i tried all that took the video card and reset it...
    at the moment, no status lights.
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    I think it's time to contact the Seller.
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    I call bad caps lol. This model isnt the liquid cooled right?
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    It's not liquid cooled, what do you mean by bad caps?

    And trying to contact the seller who was shady enough to sell it to me wont respond.
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    I think he means bad capacitors. There was a problem with bad capacitors a few years ago, that I believe, affected most of the computer industry. Sorry to hear that the seller is not being responsive. Was email involved in this transaction with the seller? If, so, I believe that the U.S. Postal Service will help you with this as it's considered mail fraud.
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    I don't think the bad caps extended as far as the power macs but I could be wrong. Okay so here's what I want you to do

    First check the video card and see If it's the stock or a compatible card. Examin the card for any color distortion due to excess heat or faulty componets. If possible put in another card and see if that solves your problem

    Check all connections inside the power Mac and make sure everything is seated properly. Check

    Hard drive and optical drive connectors
    Any expansion cards
    The video card

    Try booting it up, if that's a no go

    Try unplugging the hard drive and optical drives and see if that will let it boot, if nothing

    Remove the PRAM battery and verify it's village with a multimeter and reinstall it (make sure you put it in the right way ie positive to positive) reset the pram again and try, if no go

    If worst comes to worst gut the motherboard,CPUs, and ram. Sell them and replace them with pc parts and have a sweet looking hackintosh.

    Since you went to this persons house I would show back up and demand your money back. Don't take no for a answer.
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    And when you refuse to leave and the seller calls the police, make sure to make some threats?

    You could always sue the seller in small claims court. It's free in some states and cheap in many others. Ask for the amount paid, plus court fees, and damages which include your time. If/when the seller fails to show up for court he automatically loses and the judge rules in your honor.
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    If he calls the cops on you then you know something is wrong and he burned you so wait there for the cops and explain your situation. You would be surprised how many of them hate people that scam on craigslist. It's a big thing out here in oregon
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    Small claims court is a joke. More waste of your time and money. What if the person is unemployed? Can't squeeze water from a rock

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