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Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by Eric_Z, Jun 15, 2003.

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    I don't know if this is trustworthy but I find it interesting nevertheless.

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    Sun Baked

    Definitely the OPPOSITE of the French rumors, which not have the machines shipped to the stores (with a do not open til 6/24 stickers).
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    really interesting. as far as i am concerned, this sounds more real, than those mcbid rumors.

    well, as a lover of Apple gadgets and software, of course i would love to see the next generation powermacs ASAP.

    but it would really be suicide if Apple does not bring out the 'new' powerbooks ASAP.

    the only way i can think of to not piss off Apple users, almost switchers, and Apple buyers is to bring out a dual PB.
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    the french rumors did not really say how large this boxes are, did they?

    are they even in boxes?
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    True or not, it sounds like a very good idea to have the Pro line split like this, cheaper towers for 'normal' consumers/prosumers, really powerful (and expensive) towers for the real pros.
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    sounds good but what are the prices?

    the french rumours said 2 motherboards also, 1 dual and what single, the only diff is that one says they are boxed and ready and the other is not so sure.
    the two tier sound plausable like the 8600/9600-8500/9500 days.
    however i thought it would be cheaper if apple only had one mother board.
    maybe this is the low price cube tower everyone wanted. hopefully bluetooth,firewire800, usb2, on both.
    i would like to upgrade my blue and white g3 with 2 pci slots i will have room for my sound cards i have 2 but not my ata 133 card, or scsi card. hopefully they will have a sata to ata 133 converter and i will just have to keep one sound card the rev 7.1 out and keep the pro card in.
  7. job
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    I'm guessing an announcement at WWDC with Sept. ship dates.

    And you can quote me on that. ;)
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    In subsequent discussion on AI, some posters voiced the opinion that this person had registered previously and submitted similar information. His writing style is distinctive (for example, few people use adverbs so liberally).
  9. Ugg
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    This sounds pretty realistic, especially the 222 and 666 part with September as first delivery. I really do think that an update to the 15" powerbook will happen, if for no other reason than to bring it in line with the 12 and 17 even if it is just a G4, they might add the backlit keyboard, etc.
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    I would never buy a computer called 666. In fact I remember the processor makers marketing their processors as 667 MHz to avoid any negative connotations.
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    I'm sure that even if this rumor is true, "222" and "666" are only internal code-names, not what the final products will be called.
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    i maybe a lil bit slow today, but...

    what were you saying? that this info is plausible?
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    It is my understanding that they believe the opposite. The suspect veteran poster with the new alias is posting more crap.
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    Well that seems awfully superstitious and rediculous to me.

    Then again, my office is on the 13th floor. ;)

    I don't understand the "targeted below the current PowerMacs". There isn't a whole lot "below" to be targeting. They're such old tech as it is.
  15. job
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    Price maybe?

    A sub-1K or thereabouts tower?

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    Maybe because it's such a beast! :D
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    A lower spec tower would be aimed at the ex cube, headless imac market.

    I would be a good example of the market for that.

    Hmmm Rough history of work machines would be

    mac II....Quadra 840av,8100/80 Tower,Tower,Tower..... Cube,tower and Tower 867 currently.

    Now all I have ever put in my PCI slots has been a SCSI card or way back graphics cards and I havent even bothered to put that in for last couple years. I used to go for the top tower but now the bottom is good enough for normal work and if its going to take hours I shove it on a pc server anyway.

    But I have never considering going with an imac simply because I want a larger screen and while I have 15 month old 17'' currently within a year I am sure I will be running a 20''

    So yea I would definitily be in the market for a lower spec Tower for work. Just hurry up and bring out a decent 15'' pbook for personal use.
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    Those sound good to me.

    Give me a dual-processor version of the 222 with a video-card that supports 2 screens and I'll be happy as a clam.

    I am thinking about a new monitor. Should I get a 20" or 23" LCD?
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    20" and a 17" maybe? Same price as 23" if I remember right...


    Looks good to me ;)

    Of course, I always look at pixel density, and try to buy the highest I can afford (clarity of image is a big thing for me).
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    It was a hoax. The mods discovered the IPs were that of a regular member there pretending to be another poster. He's done this in the past, made an identity and then posted crap.

    Nothing to see here, everything was BS, move along.
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    and how do u know this?
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    Read the first sentence again, 'the mods discovered'. To be more literal, they posted their discoveries and locked the thread.

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