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Discussion in 'Design and Graphics' started by macgfxdesigner, Oct 11, 2006.

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    Left Before, Right After

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    What changed? ;)
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    They closed down. (;
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    not to rain on your parade, but the "power of photoshop" is not to be found in the clone stamp.

    id say good work, good job. but if you want a critique, here goes.

    you cloned the window, but not a reflection. not too obvious, but your before pic makes it quite obvious.

    very simple and quick thing to do, nothing special, moving on.
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    The power of photoshop is that it makes things like removing a banner from an image not a big deal. The power of photoshop is very much in the clone stamp...and, for that matter, every other tool. The "power" lies in the fact that you can do this digitally, without having to retake the shot. After all, it is *just* a photo manipulation program.
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    two minutes

    EDIT: I know its not lined up with the roof, and the cloning could have been smoother, blah blah blah

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    the power of photoshop is in all its abilities, I saw the cheesiest and easiest tool used ONLY.

    ok maybe the filters are the cheesiest.
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    They are the same image. One's just being cropped by photoshop a little. Overlay them and you'll see.

    I think he did a great job with the clone stamp. No one that didn't know already would ever suspect that something's been changed.
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    i think the missing reflection in the cloned window looks awful.
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    The power of Photoshop is the user. If you have an eye for what you're doing, and understand design/photography, it's the most powerful tool you'll ever use. But the same can be said for someone who knows the darkroom inside and out.

    Ansel Adams could do with a negative what very few people can do. Stick Joe Blow in a dark room with an Ansel Adams negative, and his prints will look nothing the originals. Same idea.

    If you know what you're doing, any tool can be powerful. If you don't the tool doesn't help.
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    If the after image was posted by itself, you would have no idea it was PS'ed

    It doesn't have to be perfect! as long as its convincing! (which it is)
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    That's the smartest thing i've heard anyone say in a long time.
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    The Power of Photoshop, pt IV.

    The real *power* of Photoshop is not so much what it does as things like clone stamps, layer masks and other standard tools are fairly common. No the power for me is in the *way* Photoshop implements it's tools, so that it is really easy to work with, the program sort of disappears. You imagine what you want to do and you just do it with the minimum of fuss.

    Things like click an alpha to load it, or lift a selection with a quick keyboard shortcut. Or load a selection by clicking an icon then press a button and presto, instant layer mask. Or instantly refine a selection by pressing Q work on a bit of it with a brush or even select the selection and blur it then hit Q again, it's just so effortlessly brilliant and user oriented. Drag a channel to a new layer then do a quick curve and reload it, it just never ends with Photoshop. Whatever you want to do there will be at least three ways that instantly come to mind so you can select the best method for the particular problem.

    Whenever I need to do even the most simple Photoshop type of thing in Painter I invariably appreciate Photoshop so much more. I will usually just save the job out and do what I need in Photoshop then bring it back to Painter even though Painter has all the tools, they just work to clunkily that it's not worth the brain damage to persevere with it.
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    the real power of photoshop is stuff like this

    And it's not because of the tool, it's the tool in the hands of a master.
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    What's funny to me is that from what I've read here so far, macgfx's original simple headline and simple post says just about everything that's been said subsequently, the needless jabs aside, just fine if you stop and think about what you're seeing. :D

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    That image is nothing short of awesome! Thanks for sharing. Makes me wonder whether the investment in time was for a paying gig or just a labor of love.

    I thought I was pushing the limits and getting crazy when I created files with 50 layers. 15,000? That's insane!
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    That is some very nice work there... But the guy should invest in a good 3D software package. Something like Modo, Lightwave, Maya, XSI, etc... Would have cut his work to a fraction of that time.

    OTOH, the fact that he did all that with Photoshop and Illustrator just shows he has some real talent and a slight case of OCD. :D
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    That's rather like saying, "That Sophia Loren, she was kind of cute when she was younger." :D


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