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Power outage in SoCal tonight

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by Mugambo, Jun 5, 2010.

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    This is the first ever power outage I'm experiencing. Are there any suggestions to kill time since none of the gadgets will be working during the power outage. This is from 8pm tonight till tomorrow morning. Please suggest something realistic. Smarty pants will be snubbed and can stay away from this discussion.
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    Rodimus Prime

    Read a book
    take a walk
    ride a bike

    It is sad people can not do anuthing with out electricty.
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    Test the battery in your UPS.

    Defrost your freezer.

    Go outside, look up, say "Oh my god, it's full of stars!"

    I'll take my snub now, and may I please have another, sir?
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    walking in socal haha i dont he this person wants to get shot or jumped lol..
    just hope no ones raid ur house because they dont know what to do w/o electricity lmao jk:D
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    Charge the battery in everything, fill up the gas in your car and buy a power inverter so you can charge anything that runs out before it is back on, buy fresh batteries for your flashlights, run the AC more so there the cool air will last longer, etc.
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    Are there a lot of planned power outages in Southern California during the summer months? Is it usually the widespread area, or just a neighborhood here and there? Why do they do this? Eight plus hours seems like a long time to be out of power. We don't have planned power outages here on the east coast; I guess I'm just a little confused.
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    Go see a movie?
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    Where EXACTLY in SoCal is this planned? I'm having a party this evening/night... that would suck :mad:
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    I haven't heard of a scheduled power outrage in SoCal. But if there were, I'd get the telescope out on my balcony and fire up the Sky Voyager app.
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    +1 what part of socal are you talking about????? Weho? EastLA, the O.C, beaches, Santa Monica???? The I.E?
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    I haven't heard anything for LA, so is this a self-imposed power outage?

    Get some drinks and friends then head outside to the porch, balcony, roof etc. a have fun.

    Also charge up your mobile before you lose power.;)

    EDIT: http://www.sce.com/PowerOutageCenter/powerOutageCenter.htm

    I guess they do plan power outages for certain areas and if you're affected then you get a letter way ahead of time. First I've heard of this.
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    It's something like this that makes me glad I own nine laptops, two ipads and a Verizon MiFi. :D

    But if I were the OP, I'd read and go to bed early.
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    Sun Baked

    I'm so happy Arizona is testing their ability to turn off the power in reaction to the boycotts. :p
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    For those who seem to not know anything about these, there are occasional scheduled outages throughout the year where I live in Hermosa Beach, just south of Los Angeles. We are with SoCal Edison and whenever they are going to do it they send out letters to all affected residents. They don't just turn the lights out. They also try to do it at convenient times, like while a majority of people are at work. The reasons for it are varied, and sometimes the letters don't even contain an explanation, but I'm sure you can use your imagination (equipment repairs/replacements, etc.). We have lived in Hermosa for about two years now and have had three scheduled outages (and several unscheduled ones :)).
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    planned outages seem to be for;

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    :rolleyes: Live under a rock long?
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    Get an iPad! =P
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    Not usually during the summer. Most utilities over here try to get their major work done before summer because right about now, people start running their air conditioners nonstop and using a ton of electricity.

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