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Discussion in 'iPad Accessories' started by ijen0311, Jun 4, 2010.

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    Does anyone know of any? I'm trying to pick up the anti glare film and free shipping or something would be great! :D

    Unless anyone knows of another place to buy them? :confused:
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    I tried looking for another source to get the dang protector, but I couldn't find it anywhere. I really hate dealing with power support directly. I ordered my protector on wednesday and it still has not shipped. I called and they said due to high demand they cannot meet the 48 hour window for shipping. Lame.
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    I hear ya. I ordered my PS Antiglare on May 19th, I got a shipping notification only on May 28th (FedEx Ground to Canada, yeah...from California).

    After a few delays/pushbacks from FedEx, it'll apparently (hopefully) get here on June 9th, the same day my iPad is scheduled for delivery. :D

    It's a long wait, but it's worth it imo.
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    I actually :eek: ended up buying the Speck 2 pack, so my boyfriend and I can each have one. It seems to have gotten good reviews around here and Amazon. I picked up the 2 pack for about $20 including shipping. Although I had a PS AG on my iPhone and it's definitely awesome. I'll update when I get the Speck.
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    Unfortunately throughout the entire IPad release, haven't seen any coupons for Power Support. I just received my PS AG film today, that I ordered on May 23rd. It says on the shipping form it's country of origin is Japan, so if it's backordered, it has to come from there as well. I did order the Speck AG 2 pack from Amazon, and received that in 2 days from Amazon. I never did get around to putting the Speck's on, I guess I'll be keeping them as backup.
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    I picked these screen protectors off of eBay

    They're cheaper, and look and feel the same as a power support one. I have the power support antiglare on my iPhone, and I can't see or feel the difference. You can get 4, and it's still cheap!
    I totally recommend them. And the shipping is super fast!!!
    Got mine within 5 days of ordering.
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    I looked at his video in that page. That screen protector has glare like crazy!
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    That's what I thought.
    That video is for one of the sellers regular screen protectors, which I almost bought. LOL
    I will take pictures of mine, and you'll see the difference.
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    Here are pictures of the screen protectors from eBay (the link I provided) installed on my iPad. There are a few bubbles around the corners, but I'm not the best at putting these things on.


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    eBay one does a good job hiding finger prints too ?

    Guess it would be worth a try at that price point , thanks.
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    I ordered an anti-glare Powersupport for the wife, and it arrived today with a crease right down the middle. I tried putting it on, but with the crease there is a huge bubble right in the middle, and when you slide your finger over the screen the protector comes to a sharp point. I e-mailed Power Support, does anyone know what to expect as far as a replacement? We are heading to Mexico next Friday, and I don't want to have to wait for them to receive the one I am shipping back. There was already 6 days from the time I placed my order until I got delivery confirmation.
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    I read another thread earlier (sorry, don't remember which) but the poster had the same issue. Sounded like it took him a little while to get a replacement but they did offer one. All he did was send them a photo.
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    I ended up ordering the Speck anti glare shield from http://www.mygearstore.com/Products...dView-Screen-Protection-for-iPad-2-Anti-Glare

    You get 2 shields with a cloth for $25 (same as for one PowerSupport with no cloth). Checked out a vid of it on YouTube and it's just as good if no better.

    Use coupon TWEET254 and get %15 off. Only valid today but they have similar offers daily. Try using TWEET255 tomorrow, etc free shipping btw. $21 total
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    Thanks for the link
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    While I'm a big fan of reducing the finger prints , I'm not a fan of distortion. I know most anti-glare protectors have a certain level of distortion. However according to that ebayer in the link he claims there isn't any distortion and this is more of a clear protector. Looking at your pics it's obvious the one you bought is anti glare. How much distortion is there ? Is it the same as a Power Support as far as distortion goes ?

    I've had my pad for a month now and fingerprints are about to drive me up a wall :mad:

    I just hate sacrificing the clarity !
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    If you hate sacrificing clarity, you should go with a clear screen protector.
    My friend who also has an iPad, has the PowerSupport anti-glare on his iPad, and there is not much of a difference.
    Levels of distortion are about the same from any angle.
    I use my iPad in lanscape with the home button on the right, and I compared them both in the same angle, and there was no difference.
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    I asked the seller if he had a clear and he claimed the one in the link was a clear :rolleyes:
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    The cheap screen protectors off eBay do work but you don't realise how rubbish they are until you buy a properly made high quality protector from companies such as Power Support or NLU or SGP etc,

    In fact if you ask me would I rather have a cheap protector or a invisible shield I would go for an invisible shield.

    Incidently I discovered the other day that Apple resellers in the UK such as cancom, solutions etc do sell invisible shield for iPad so that is worth checking out.

    Personally I am not convinced anti-glare protectors are worthit as in direct sunlight you can't see anything on any phone or laptop so why lose the screen clarity you get from anti-glare? It isn't worth the trade off... just get a clear protector and stay in the shade!

    Remmember even WE can't see in direct sunlight! ;)
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    The reason most get anti glare protectors isn't mainly to reduce the glare, it's actually to reduce the amount of fingerprint smearing. AG screens dramatically decrease the amount of fingerprints shown on the fingerprint magnet known as the IPad screen. The reduction of glare is actually a secondary concern. If fingerprints drive you insane as much as they do me, an AG shield is a necessity.

    The problem with invisible shields/bodyguardz is that the front/screen protection is that many have had trouble in it's application. The front just doesn't look that attractive, and some have complained it affects the 'feel' of the IPad. This often leads to many going back to the basic screen protectors, but many praising the back half of invisible shields. I only base this on the many posts elsewhere, and videos on YouTube.

    Yes, unfortunately there will always be a trade off. If you want finger print reduction, you will lose some clarity. Eventually one gets use to it. Most aren't willing to give up such clarity at all, to them a cloth becomes a constant companion. How much clarity is lost though, I think often is in the eye of the beholder. Anyone now used to an AG shield will tell it isn't much, while someone who hasn't applied an AG protector will notice it instantly.
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    Well for me I got anti glare because even in my room I cant see dark scenes. I see my face instead. And it's not even that bright here
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    I was watching a scary movie on a flight before I got my AG screen protector...saw my reflection during a really creepy part of the movie and scared the crap out of myself.

    I can't remember if I have the power support screen protector or not but I believe it is.

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