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Discussion in 'General Mac Discussion' started by MorganX, May 4, 2004.

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    IBM is pre-announcing iSeries Model 520s with dual Power5s (multicore) for less than $10,000. Those not familiar with iSeries PPC pricing may not realize how cheap this is. This is almost 60% less than the previous generation, and almost triple the power.

    This bodes well for the next generation of G-series CPUs for Apple, and whatever ends up powering Xbox 2.

    Unless of course IBM is selling them at a loss, which I doubt. This is an amazing entry price for this much CPU. Amazing...
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    They're most likely so cheap because IBM is selling power "on demand"--only enabling the 2nd processor if you pay extra to do that.

    Is that price also without OS/400?
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    Not sure about OS/400 from the announcement. All quotes I've ever received included at a minimum OS/400. "on demand" is a separate feature coded. I would hope they're not being mischevious.

    Having said that, even with a single dual-core Power%, that's a helluva price point. I can tell you have iSeries experience, you know IBM takes care of it's shareholders with software licenses that make Microsoft look like Robin Hood, and hardware upgrades that are insanely expensive.

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