PowerBook 12" 1.33 Battery Question !!

Discussion in 'Product Recommendations/Reviews' started by Raziel, Aug 11, 2004.

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    Well Guys and Girls. I would like to know what sort of battery life a person could expect out of the New PB 1.33 such as the life duration when using just for word processing and data viewing like PDF and internet browsing on wireless and ethernet. Also how long does it last on the battery when used to view DVD movies for long travel flights since I do allot of these :rolleyes: Any input would be most appreciated. :) Also does the unit consume more power by viewing a DVD from the hard drive or from the DVD drive. :confused:
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    from the dvd drive it uses more power (for hte dvd question). It needs to run both the hd and the dvd drive at once, but on the hd it runs 1 thing like that.

    The battery lifetime on notebooks depend on ur settings, i know people who nearly pull 5 hours and others who get 2.
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    If you want long battery life, regardless of what you're doing on the PowerBook, turn the screen brightness down and make full use of the power management settings in System Preferences.
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    yeppers. It will be nice when/if the powerbook ever gets a halfway decent long lasting battery in it anyways. The current one is just pethetic.

    ah well in 10 years we will have atomic laptop batteries haha
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    Running Microsoft Office/Mail/Safari with maximum screen brightness and Airport Extreme and Bluetooth turned on, I get 3.5-4.0 hours of battery life.
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    Browsing the net over wireless, screen on about half brightness (when i remember), making a few notes with textedit and general non-intensive stuff like that gets me about 4 - 4:30 hours.. (closer to 4 if i'm listening to music at the same time)

    I was so pleased when I outlasted my boyfriends Dell centrino laptop by an hour and a half when we were both doing the exact same thing :D

    I've never tried playing DVD's and stuff when its just on battery... i've tended to be near a plug whenever i've wanted to do such things. it's good to know the film wouldn't be interrupted by the battery dying though ;)
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    Just wondering, does Garage Band drain the battery a lot? Also, what would I be better off doing, using the speakers at full blast, or using headphones (in terms of battery life)?
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    I've never used garageband on battery...but judging by the number of times my powerbooks fans come on when i'm playing about with it, it'd probably have more of a drain than safari....

    speakers i can comment on though.. if you do wear headphones, you'll need the volume almost down to nil... i've currently got mine on 3 or 4 bars out of (i think) 16 and its rather loud... if you had the volume turned right up, you'd definitely be deaf.. So, in that case the battery would probably last longer using headphones - plus you don't disturb anybody if you're on the train :)
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    I've really got to start timing mine more accurately...

    Anyhow, I get about 3-3.5ish hours with AE on, Screen at full brightness, using (on average) Mail, Proteus, Safari, maybe iTunes.

    Hope it helps!
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    One more question,

    In system preferances, what saves energy better? Setting it to " For Longest Battery Life", or doing Custom, and turning everything off, and setting the processor at Reduced Performance? I notice even with Longest Battery Life, the processor is still at Maximum performance, which seems odd to me.

    And I timed mine, normal use, some iTunes (and importing to library), using iChat, Safari, etc (sometimes all at once). Basically using it as I normally would, with Airport Extreme on and active, and bluetooth off, with full screen brightness, I got 3 hours and 15 minutes.
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    Also, dont forget to calibrate your battery....
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    3hours and 15 minutes seems about right, yet again it all depends on what you are doing and most of all what your screen brightness is. When I was on a flight I set it to custom, dimmed the screen a bit and I was able to get almost 3 hours watching a dvd.

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