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PowerBook 12" rejects every CD or DVD

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by polluxx, Feb 22, 2009.

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    i expereinced some really weird behaviour with my powerbook 12"s superdrive:
    from one second to the other, it rejects every cd or dvd i try to put in.
    this started after i inserted a dvd - it was unlabeled and i wanted to see whats on the dvd. later as i put it in my workstations dvd drive i found out that its defective. but this cant knock out a superdrive, right!? well... i tried to put in cd's, dvd's , originals, blank discs, burned discs... every disc is rejected. the superdrive still shows up in the sys profiler. and i dont think that the drive is broken from just putting in a defective dvd. before this happened, the PB stood on my desk, i was doing internet and email stuff... and suddenly the dvd drive doesnt work anymore??? strange. im not gonna buy a new superdrive.
    any ideas? same isssues? solutions?

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