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powerbook 1400cs

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by clevinger, Jul 25, 2007.

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    Hi all, new to forum and mac laptops.

    I've just inherited a 1400cs/133 1.3 gb storage, ?16mb ram, running OS 7.6.1.

    I need it for reading and editing basic word, adobe pdf files, anything else will be a bonus, photoshop would be useful too.

    It had a CD drive but no floppy drive, appears to have a 56k modem installed (icon on screen anyway) and I got a couple of zip drives wih it too, 1x pin connector, 1 x usb so I am able to use my iMac to download stuff and zip drive it across.

    I'm after basic advice really, what is the maximum ram and hard memory upgrades that i can go for to optimise storage and speed and which is the optimum firmware (stay at 7.6.1 or uprate it to 8.x 9.x G series??) and what are the essential software apps for it.

    Which apps will be best for viewing editing predominantly PC generated word, excel and powerpoint files, and creating these on the powerbook in an exportable to a PC format. Also what are the latest versions of photoshop and adobe reader that it will cope with, in present OS and how much better could it go with an OS upgrade in terms of later versions of MS office, photoshop and reader etc?

    From what I've read it seems to be a pretty reliable, robust and decent, if old and basic, machine - ideal for what I need. I'm looking forward to exploring it and will be very grateful for whatever advice I may get on optimising it's OS/performance/memory.

    Thanks in advance.
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    I see you've joined and posted the same question to System 7 Today. Anyways Mac OS 7.6.1 would be my recommendation on that system for the best speed and compatibility with stuff. To open PC Word and PowerPoint files, you can go ahead and get a copy of Microsoft Office 98 for cheap on eBay or wherever.

    64mb is the maximum memory for that computer.

    I don't know what you mean by G series, and firmware is not something you'll need to worry about on that computer.

    On a 1400c, you're not going to be any more productive moving up from 7.6.1.
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    This will answer most of your questions as far as hardware goes.

    I just searched for "Powerbook 1400cs/133" in an uncommon resource most people don't think of.
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    It's not as if his question was so blatantly obvious, like "how do I turn my Mac off" or something like that. If you don't want to answer the question, you aren't obligated to post.

    What is with everyone saying "go search for it" lately?
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    I didn't feel like fighting tonight.
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    The thing is, his question was more complex than anything going to EveryMac.com's 1400 page could answer. Which is the best OS? How to open Word files? EveryMac doesn't touch on any of that.
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    Right... but EveryMac.com had the hardware information he was looking for. Which is why I said:

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    Realistically, if you're going to run Office 98, you're going to want more than 16 MB of RAM, which is the bare minimum for Office 98. With 16 MB of RAM, you'll need to use virtual memory, which means that Office 98 will be bog slow.
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    I love that computer! I have a 1400c myself and I got it a 250 mhz G3 upgrade back in the day. Trust me it's a rock, never broke once! Check out this page it should answer most of your questions:

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    It was more collective experience than a list of sites I'm after.

    What is the point in my struggling round google for day/weeks/months in ignorance when I may miss the vital site or killer tip that makes life so much easier simply because I'm completely new to this scene and I didn't have the basic common sense of asking the experienced users first.

    sorry if I've offended by not bothering to reinvent the wheel.

    Thanks to all for the positive info.

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