powerbook 15" lid warped?

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by technocoy, Sep 22, 2003.

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    hi all,

    just purchased my 15" 1.25ghz and it seems as though the corners of the screen are warped up . When the book is shut, the screen wobbles side to side.

    Is anyone else having this problem? I also have a light spot on my screen that seems to boil up when any pressure at all is applied to the back of the screen! I'm already on the second one, the first had two stuck pixels right out of the box. I'm starting to wonder if i should have just kept my Ti. It has treated me wonderfully.

    Thanks for any replies,

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    I've see similar problems with the Al15s in CompUSA, I figured it was just abuse in the store. Now I hope Apple steps up the QC, or they will be in problem.

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    Oh man, this is why I sent my revision 1 12" back. Apple tech support couldn't get it fixed so I got my Developer discount back. (and kept the Cinema display I got at developer price).
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    I don't know what the hell to do...

    I can't do without my computer for long.. I'm a graphic designer and use my laptop day in and day out! I thought about calling support and sending them pictures so that they can mark that i have the problem, so that if something breaks they can't put it back on me. The light spot in the middle of the screen is what concerns me most, though. They are not impressing me with this first batch of 15"s thats for sure! I'm feeling like I would have done better to hang on to my old trusty Ti 1ghz!!

    Thanks Guys,

    Keep posting. if enough people are experiencing this, then we can send this to them!

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    Daveman Deluxe

    I think that the screen seems to warp up because there are a couple of little rubber pads on the corners. Not sure about the PB, but that's the way it is with my iBook.

    Personally, I don't see why you're all bent out of shape over a slightly warped display. It's certainly not breaking anything.

    The bright spot in the middle of the screen may be of significantly greater concern though.
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    Re: I don't know what the hell to do...

    That is a common problem throughout Apples whole notebook line. Adjust the light behind your powerbook and you will be fine. The Apple logo lets a lot of light in and adversly affects the screen.
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    no not the same thing...

    This is actually some kind of lcd defect. in total darkness it is there... it looks like a "light smudge" for lack of a better word... about the size of my thumbprint.

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    Lid warp in Powerbook 15.2" Al

    I have just received my Powerbook 15.2" Al, and the upper lid is indeed warped too. The powerbook also wobbles when closed. I am curious if this is not a structural defect caused by miscalculations on the Al-material used in the computer. Due to the large surface, they should have either compensate for the possible warping, or should have introduced a reinforcement. I am calling them as of tomorrow ! :mad:
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    I don't notice any warping of the lid, but I have had two other problems. My latch doesn't catch very well, and takes either a quick closing movement, or sustained light pressure. My other problem is that the speakers sometimes have a slight static-like sound, similar to having a weak connection with external speakers. It also shows up using my Logitech externals, but not when playing through my home stereo connected by a mini-stereo to stereo RCA splitter/cable.
    That's it though, other than a few minor cosmetic things, some slight warping/bends above the optical drive and PC card slots.
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    Mine too. Got a 15" alu at the apple store, lid seems a bit warped and latch doesn't catch every time when closing. Was going to go and exchange it but thought, eh, just installed my software and airport extreme card, can live with the minor problems. (I'm extremely lazy.) No problems with the display.
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    I actually just noticed, my screen is warped a bit too :eek: . When closed the left (my left) side doesn't meet the bottom section. Maybe that is what's causing the latch problems.
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    erm, I meant my right, the PowerBook's left
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    My tiBook does the same thing, the left side of the lid [looking at it in use] gets closer to the body, while the right side leaves a large gap. Ti is flexy, can't wait to get a alBook next year....
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    My new 15" does the same thing. When looking at it closed, from the front, the right side is not closed very tightly, and if you push on it it wobbles up and down. It seems that the width of the powerbook is so long that the single latch in the center isn't strong enough to keep it closed. So is this true of all the machines?

    The other thing mine does is the hard drive makes a sort of clicking sound from time to time, even if I'm not using the computer. Every minute or so it just goes "click". I know HDs sometimes make noise but this noise is weird, it sounds more mechanical than the way my old 500 mhz ibook sounded.

    Do other people hear a clicking? I could be overreacting...
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    -To those with warped screens...

    Do you carry it by the latch side? This usually will cause the warping - carry it by the hinge side.

    To correct the warping, be very gentle, apply opposit force to bend the screen back.

    Then carry it by the hinge side from then on.
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    I always carry it from the hinge side, either like a notebook [under arm] or use that side when putting it in my bag. It's just liek this, not from handling, just the way it is. Several co-workers have had the same issue, this is why I think Ti was a bad but sexy choice. Better suited for space equipment and bike frames.
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    I have just noticed the "light smudge" on my new 15" 1.25 also. It isn't always easily visible, but it is there. Has anyone called Apple about this?
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    Re: powerbook 15" lid warped?

    Thanks for any replies,

    Seems to be a general problem in the new 15 in PBs, 2450 U$ for a smudge on the screen? That hurts, has anyone yet contacted the seller and was successful?
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    Mine clicks every 30 seconds or so as well. I'm pretty sure that they all do this and people just aren't listening carefully enough. I do agree that this gets really annoying in a quiet environment. Anyone know why this happens and maybe it's 10.2.8? Perhaps this won't happen under Panther. I've tried all the suggestions for getting rid of it (ie. energy settings, removing office x trial) and none seem to help.
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    My 12PB does that.

    I believe that it a TCal we are hearing - Temperature Calibration.
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    i think that the warping is actually intentional, or rather a consequence of fixing the tibook problem, ie having the keyboard hit the screen when closed. with the rubber feet taller and the gap between the body and the lid wider, i think it's kind of inevitable with the arrangement, particularly on the 15 and 17 inch models. it's no big deal, really, if you ask me. it still seems to function fine.
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    new 17" powerbook lid problem...

    i just got my powerbook 17" last night, and almost instantly, i realised that the lid/screen is slightl crooked. when latched, the right side (facing you) if closer to the body than the left (about 2-3 mm higher). also, when i press down on the screen AFTER it has already latched, it makes a 'click' noise.

    i don't know if this is a defect, because if it is, then i will have to return it (i'm a perfectionist and i hate using broken things...)

    should i (it shouldn' affect the overall performance at all right? just for looks, i guess...)
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    The click probably comes from the latch coming back in contact with the thingie that holds it down. You do have to ask yourself, however, will you mind 2-3mm? Does it make that much of a difference to you?
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    The curve is intentional and Apple even calls it the "smile." I have a white spot and my 15" will be going in soon, I am not happy, but i love the laptop, so not much I can do.
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    The curve is intentional? Well then...

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