powerbook 17" 1.33 ghz and Nintendo gameCube

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by trunksfujita, Oct 7, 2003.

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    i want to be able to play my nintendo gamecube, so i want to connect my gamecube to my 17" 1.33mhz powerbook, using those 3 AV cables the regular red, yellow, white cables that come with VCRs and stuff like that. is there an adapter that i could buy for my powerbook, that will have those three connectors the red, white, and blue calbles. please help
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    Re: powerbook 17" 1.33 ghz and Nintendo gameCube

    The red and white cables should be for stereo (left and right channels). You can get an dual RCA to input adapter at Radio Shack (et al.). The input jack goes into the "Audio line in (minijack)" of your 17" PB.

    The yellow is an RCA output plug for your video. Your 17" has no video input, except (in a roundabout way) your firewire port. If you have an RCAVideo<->Firewire digital video converter (a la the Canopus DVC-100 for $300), you could get something working, but I suspect it would not be great for gaming (possible time lag). Now I'm curious whether it would work! It would certainly be Rube Goldbergish.

    As you can see, audio in/output are easy. Video output is easy, but the powerbooks are not designed for (non-DV) video input.

    Good luck! Report back if you make any breakthroughs.
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    Well, what I said has now been said twice, but one thing for you to note is that for the price it would cost you to get video-in for your laptop, you'd be better off just buying a TV.
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    It can be done with a TV Tuner. HOWEVER there is serious lag time (roughly a full second) which is fine for watching TV, but makes games unplayable.
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    Call me stupid, but you MIGHT be thinking about a component video output from the gamecube. If there is a blue wire, then I think that's what you have. As of right now I don't know any component inputs for laptops.

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    Component is Green Blue and Red. He said Red White and Blue. It's more likely that he started saying Red and White from RCA and was thinking about the american flag or something and just said Blue.

    edit: actually, he never said that, he was just misquoted? Haha, what the hell?
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    Could I have some more information on the Pinnacle solution? Does it run under Mac OS X and let you play games full speed without lag? Thanks!

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