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Powerbook 17'' Update?!

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by maradong, Jul 1, 2003.

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    Hi folks.
    As i could n t follow all the rumors since the 23 th June, just a little question.
    Will the 17'' Powerbook be updated soon ?
    As i looked on buyersguide.macrumors.com there is mentionned that there will soon be updates, but is that for the 15 '' or for the 12'' and 17'' as well ?
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    Ambrose Chapel

    I haven't seen anything specific floating around. Tthe 17" was announced around 6 months ago but it's only been shipping for about half that time, right? Would they rev it so soon?
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    dunno just wondering...
    planning to buy one. so i don t want to get a soon outdated modell..
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    btw what is the name of that nice "aquarium* screensaver .. looks awesome...
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    God I hope it isn't updated so soon as I just bought one yesterday!
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    is it this one ?
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    ok than.
    i ll get my one tomorrow. ;-)

    and yeah, it s that screensaver. pretty cool. thx ;-)
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    well macworld is coming up soon. if its going to be at any time it would most likely be then. guess we will have to wait and see.

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    so, in general, lets say, wou would nt buy a 17'' right now.
    But rather wait for the mwsf. And perhaps get a 15'' if they get finally updated ?
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    Well, what could possibly be on a new 17"?

    7457 is probably not due for a few months - only benefit is larger cache - slightly lower power or maybe slightly faster speed (1.1Ghz, 1.2Ghz?) - who knows when Motorola can deliver this in volume. The extra cache is probably the best feature - otherwise most users will probably not notice (we are probably looking at barely a 10% improvement)

    Radeon 9600 Mobility could be included - but unless you live on games, or graphics programming, the current GeForceGo 440 is pretty decent. AGP 8x is also nothing woop-dee-do, especially for a laptop.

    Faster DVD-RW? Not likely - the device is actually faster, but Apple limits the speed since apparently the device burns a lot of coasters the faster it goes.

    Digital Sound? Probably not until the G5 PowerBook - and that's a ways off.

    Better battery? Probably not.
    Better screen? Doubt it.
    Better AirPort? Huh?
    Better Keyboard? Not sure how they'd do this (unless they made it bigger)
    Better HDD? Sure - 80GB are available, or 50GB 7200RPM ones - but you could actually buy one of these anyways and use it with the current model. SATA support might wait until the G5 powerbook - besides how many SATA 2.5" drives are there?
    Better case? Doesn't seem like there were any problems with the current one, so highly doubtful.
    Better memory? Not sure if there's a point with the current G4 bus. DDR400 also consumes more power than the DDR333, but it could be dual channel - Apple could then rape you for memory because you'd have to buy 2 sticks at their prices ;) (and that would be more of a marketing ploy than an improvement... so yet another feature coming with the G5 powerbook)

    Did I forget anything?

    So there you go, buying a 17" now is still probably a good choice even if they do update it the day after you make a purchase. :D

    Just don't beat me up if this happens ok? :D

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    thx for the info. infact it seems everything seems clear like you said it. could have gotten those points by myself. didn t know everything though. everything is logical ;)
    I ll try to. ;-) no garantee ;-)

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