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Powerbook 1ghz out of stock, not shipping

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by barbourdg, Dec 23, 2002.

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    Hi, I am a first time poster but wanted to share my experience I had this morning trying to buy a 1 ghz powerbook (with superdrive) at Microcenter in Dallas.

    When I arrived they told me they were sold out, and they would check their system to see if any of the other locations (in texas) had one in stock. They came back and told me that all their stores were sold out, and that they would have to check with their warehouse on the current situation.

    The Warehouse supervisor called them back and claimed that no more 1 ghz powerbooks were available for shipping at apple. He stated that it "might" mean that apple is about to change something with the powerbook. He said if I was willing to wait about 4-6 weeks, that he might be able to get the 1ghz model.

    Has anybody else heard of anything similiar to this? I know the line just got a speed bump, but it seems weird that all stores in Dallas are out of stock. Microcenter is one of the largest computer stores in Texas, with an entire department specialized in apple products.
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    Mr. Anderson

    Looks like there might be a push to get the current crop of TiPBs out. But they were just upgraded, so its very curious. My best guess is that the rumors of the additional bluetooth is correct. I just went and placed a fictitious order through at the Apple store and you can see for yourself.

    D :D

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    Is it possible there was a change in the production process or parts due to many people having loud fans that stay on for a while...
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    mines quiet

    ... very quiet... they better not update, ill snap, i just got mine 2 weeks ago
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    2 Explanations -

    1. Obviously they're going to be sold out! Its an awesome laptop, for a GREAT price............consider that the top of the line Titaniums, last year, were going for $5000, compared to now, when they are just under $3000


    2. They're just doing a minor change.............for example, when they first introduced the 667, one had to choose between a DVD or CD-R...............and then they announced the combo replacement.............

    shouldn't be anything big..........
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    Re: Powerbook 1ghz out of stock, not shipping

    Ill sell you one, brand new too.

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    Why buy retail from Microcenter anyway? Just buy from almost any Apple reseller and you'll save salest tax, so even with overnight shipping you'll save money.
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    huh? my 1 Ghz powerbook has a fan ? ;)

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    Yes, but go check MacNN's powerbook section in the forums, some people had huge problems. they made a fix on december 6th though, and that should be that.
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    Yes, This is correct. I ordered my 1ghz Superdrive on the 9th of December. A week later I received an Email from Apple that it will be a least a week and they hope to ship by Christmas. Then, just the other day i recieved an email that it was delayed again with an estimated ship time of Jan 10th! :mad:

    Frustrating having to wait

    Right after MWSF.. hmmm ..maybe they are adding internal BlueTooth?

    After all, BT is only a minor upgrade.
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    I'm sorry man, all i can say is try to use a reseller if possible. You are supporting an independent reseller in a hard market to compete in with mail order and everything plus we have been getting both powerbooks in about every week. they are selling like crazy. We are out right now but they should be here before the end of the week.

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    It could be that rumored bluetooth upgrade. Probably nothing major.
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    ordered mine from apple a few days ago said "5 to 7 days" but it shipped the same day.....from taiwan!

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