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PowerBook 5300cs questions

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by masterjedi73, Jan 22, 2011.

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    I'm trying to connect it to the Internet but can't find information onn which cards will work with it....will a 32 bit 10/100mbps card work?
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    No, you need a Non-Cardbus card for it to work on your 5300 (I face the same problem on my 1400c/166 and 1400c/133 - No Ethernet jacks, which is a shame really).
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    Ok thanks. I'm glad I didnt open the one I bought today!

    Can you buy them new anywhere? I haven't seen them.
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    No you cant, Cardbus was phased in in around 1997, this is the problem with running very old Macs (My solution was to hook my 1400s up to my PowerMac 8200/120, which has an Ethernet Jack. (This solution is obviously a complex solution to a simple problem, but since I had the 8200 kicking around it was cheaper than trying to find the correct card in eBay).
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    Ahhhh....I wonder how much I'm willing to pay to step back in time. Lol. Thanks for the info.

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