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Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by TopGear300, Feb 12, 2008.

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    I love macs and always have, just switched in august to a iMac 2.4 SR and love it. I feel though that I would like just a little something to roam around the house with ( so it def. has to have an APX). I want a fairly good apple laptop (will run tiger... maybe leopard???) but it dosent have to be apowerhouse or anything like that. I am looking to spend around 500 (less is always better but am willing to go a little higher hahaha) I dont really remember to much about the powerbook era and was looking for some gidance on which one I should narrow it down on??? I like the 15" but,
    is the 12" to small??
    Is the 17" to big????
    What speeds are the ones worth looking at??? (Willing to go older as it will be cheaper)
    Where is a good place to pick one up?
    What was the differences between the titanium's and the aluminum's???

    Hard drive isnt a big deal to me so I can save a little $$ there by getting a small HDD... def want the backlit keyboard!!!! ( U GOTTA LOVE THAT!! :apple:)

    Thanks guys!!!!
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    i recently picked up a 12" 1.5 ghz powerbook w/ 1.25 gb ram. i love this thing. since i've gotten it, i really don't use my mbp anymore. my powerbook isn't the fastest, but it does fine for what i use it for (ms word, email, internet, a movie). compared to my mbp and my sisters mb, it does feel a somewhat slower.

    the size is it's best attribute. i used to own a 15" mbp and didn't really like the portability, and decided to upgrade to 17" mbp as a desktop replacement and get a 12" for the portability. this thing is perfect to lug around anywhere and the size makes it really easy to take anywhere. i think if you're looking at the powerbook to use around the house, look at the 12. i know the 12 doesn't come wit a backlit keyboard.
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    Thanks so much for the advice... still learning about the machines...watched a 15" 1.5ghz SD w/ APX 80gb HDD and it went for $650. Not bad... a little high but i might swing that. I now will look at the 12" a little closer BUT and a huge BUT i really want that backlit keyboard haha. I know i know and im sorry but its just too sweet not to have. My biggest thing right now is the titanium/ vs. aluminum dilemma... what was the difference??? Thanks for talking

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    I have a 12'' iBook 1.33ghz 1.5gb ram and it's a great machine. It runs Leopard just as good as it did Tiger. It's great for internet and word processing use. You could even look for an older model if you're looking for something cheaper. I would say either a PB or iBook would suit your needs well.
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    Well, the titanium is older, and besides the different form factor it doesn't have the backlit keyboard. I'd go for a 15" model, since you have a big screen on your iMac the 15 incher will be easier to put on a coffee table or the couch etc. AND it will save you some money. The 15" alu PowerBooks ranged from 1,25-1,67 ghz if I remember correctly. For your uses it doesn't really matter which one you get. Check for the backlit keyboard though (again if I remember correctly) low end models of the 15" only had that as an option.
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    Hey thanks guys for your opinions,

    you know more than me on this machine and any opinion helps!! By the way that one I saw sold... was on eBay. Any other suggestions for where to buy it?? I have made up my mind that I need that backlit keyboard hahaha so I guess I cant look at the 12" Is there anyone else out there who knows for sure that the 12" isn't backlit? Also what would be a minimum speed to look at? I know there isn't a true apple clock speed to intel clock speed but to have a g4 that is good what should i look at. I want to be able to think "this thing isn't slow" but i dont need to think "this thing is fast" haha if you know what I mean.

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    12" PBs are not backlit Get the last 1.5ghz model. It's driving my 23 inch Apple Cinema Display and full sized keyboard as I type. Get a 100gb 7200rpm hard drive (fastest) and make sure it has the full 1.25 ram installed.

    They are the best little lappies Apple has made so far. I don't care for the wider screen of the macbooks and don't need a built in camera.

    My second fave machiine is the 12" 1.33ghz iBook. It takes more ram than the Powerbook 12 for some reason and so it is just as fast, sometimes faster in some apps. slightly larger than the 12" in overall specs (by like a quarter of an inch) but great machine.
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    You seem to have some good specs but how much?? That would be nice if its only in the 500-600 range but it dosent sound like it haha.

    Anyone have an opinion on going for a SuperDrive vs a ComboDrive. I know its personal preference but are the SDs much more money and which is better for resale?
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    What exactly does double layer SuperDrive mean?

    I obviously know what a SuperDrive is but what so special that makes it double?

    My other concern is it worth it?

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    It'll burn Dual Layer DVDs
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    Go with a 15' Aluminum, buy the fastest you can afford.
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    Ahh a direct answer hahaha!!!

    Thanks Spivy!!! I am leaning towards the 15". Anyone have experience with diiferent speeds on the clock rate for the PowerBooks? Im just curious if anyone has worked with a 1.25 and a 1.5 or a 1.67? Can you see the difference?? I do plan to max the thing out memory wise at 2gb so can u really see that big of a performance difference between them?
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    I have a 1GHz G4 17" PowerBook and a iBook G4 1.42Ghz. Huge difference in speed running Leopard (iBook running Faster). My suggestion is get the fastest you can afford with these older laptops.
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    One more thing..

    For longevity of your future PowerBook get one that supports Core Image. This speeds up the Leopard interface among other things. So, at a bare minimum if you get a 15" PowerBook get on that is at least 1.25GHz these have Core image compatible video cards (Radeon Mobility 9600).
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    If you really want to save money, I have a Powerbook 180c that still works. I think it has 4 MB RAM and maybe a 40 MB hard drive. OS 7.6. Also lots of connections: 14.4 modem built-in, serial, ADB, a mini-SCSI port. Best of all, a floppy disk drive! The battery doesn't hold much charge, so you would need to lug around the power brick. It has only 3 applications besides the OS on it: AppleWorks 5, claris emailer, and Netscape Navigator. What more does one need?

    OK, so I'm teasing! But this thing still works. I had great fun booting it up recently. Bought it in 1994, I think. I wonder what kind of laptop we will be talking about 14 years from now(?)

    PS. And no, it's not for sale.
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    Got to love a 8.4" 256 color screen
    I have one and yes it still works. If my signature could be bigger there would be at least 15 more motorola 680x0 and 60x macs on there. :cool:

    None for sale... ever
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    I've got a 15" 1.25GHz PowerBook with 2GB of RAM, and a TravelStar 7200 RPM 60GB HD. It's running Leopard just fine. In fact it runs leopard about as fast as it did Panther. I'm using it right now :D

    Works great. Plenty speedy for most basic stuff. I can even run Logic Pro 8 with it, which it does alright with as long as I don't go overboard with virtual instruments or too many effects.
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    Core Imagine hmmm ok

    Anyone else have an opinion on that? Don't even know what that is haha but I will research. ( wasn't planing on going lower than a 1.25ghz so im good)

    What do you guys think I will be able to find around the $500 range?
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    I have a 1.67 15" PB (the final PPC PB before they switched to Intel) and 1.5 gb of ram. I love it - Runs great for pretty much everything I use it for. Handbreak encoding is the only time it really feels slow to me, but I don't do that much anyway. Also runs Leopard nicely.
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    I have owned a 12" Powerbook G4 (1Ghz/768mb) for over 4 years and have been using it mostly everyday. It is simply the best computer I have owned and is still running great. The only problem I had with it is a hard-drive failure recently for which I did a replacement myself (HDs are really cheap now) and it is fine as dandy now. I partitioned the HD so I can dual-boot with either Tiger or the latest Leopard. Both run fine.

    For portability, I would definitely recommend the 12". I take it to the office and back home each day. It is perfect for me and, hence, I have not felt the temptation to upgrade to any of the intel machines. Amazingly, most of the work I do on this Powerbook is professional work (photoshop cs, indesign cs, illustrator cs) while linked to a 20" Apple monitor. It really manages fine for me.

    But since you really want ‘backlit’ then you would need the 15". For longevity, try and get the very last release of the 15" with the fastest processor and max the ram out in it. I know you are on a budget, but if you can stretch it a little more then I think you would get better value in the long-term. As for combo or superdrive, it really depends on what you do on the laptop. I have the Combo, but sometimes I really wished I had the Superdrive to be able to burn some DVDs or backup some very big files.

    As a last note, I even made my 12" PB’s combo drive into region-free (have a search on the net on how to do this). So basically, my 12" is also a super DVD player where I can watch any DVDs from around the world.

    Good luck on getting that Powerbook!
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    Tony... you're the man!

    AHH why couldn't the 12" be backlit!!! haha o well!

    Against my will( mainly just because of price), I suppose I will look at the 1.67ghz.

    Anyone who can describe core imageing? Sounds important at least haha??

    THANKS GUYS... good discussion so far?
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    Any other PowerBook purchases being made?

    Im just curious if the market is still there for the PowerBooks

    They were arguably one of the best laptops ever made?

    Am I the only one who is looking to buy one??
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    If I had need of another laptop I'd definitely be looking for one. But my macbook does what I need it to do and more, so no need for a powerbook. :(
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    Core Image capable video cards are going to free up your cpu processor on some graphics routines. Not get real technical but the cpu will send graphics routines to the video card's gpu to process, thus freeing up your cpu to processor other stuff. You will see a dramatic improvement in the Leopards UI (user interface). Iphoto and other programs will also benefit from a core image capable video card.
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    Spievy... your brilliant!

    Thanks... and that does make sense. No less than a 1.25 ghz. got it!

    Anyone else have some stuff about the PowerBook era to share?

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