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Powerbook Battery Meter Showing Incorrect Charge

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by Over Achiever, Jul 23, 2004.

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    Over Achiever

    Hi, I've owned this powerbook a little over 15 months now, and about 2 months ago, I experienced a time when I was outside typing away on my powerbook. The battery counted down to 0 minutes left ... and it stayed on for another 15-30 minutes before the battery died. Without thinking I recharged my battery that night, and when using the powerbook the next morning I discovered this:
    The battery meter stayed like that for the next hour, dipping down to only 9:00, then after close to two hours, the computer shut off as expected when the battery died. Figuring that running until it shut off would recalibrate the battery, i plugged it into full charge and noticed that it was charging very slowly ... and I have no idea when all of a sudden it showed that it was fully charged. Anyway, I've had this issue ever since. I've tried "recalibrating" my battery, resetting the PMU, zapping the PRAM, almost everything. Is there something I should try? I notice when I reset my PMU, my date when i reboot does not seem to reset ... is that because the date reset with the PMU then changed back when the network was available?

    I hope I covered everything, any questions or comments or anything ... post them. I'm scratching my head for answers before I buy a new battery. Since it's over a year, I don't have apple care -_- Didn't figure I'd have these kind of battery problems. And don't lecture me on not getting it ... I know i know -_-

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    i don't blame you for sratching your head. i have seem this post before, you might search and try and find it. however, i think that you have taken all the steps that people said to try. it wouldn't hurt to still look.
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    resetting battery

    According to my experience and from what I have read on the net, it is NOT enough just to let the computer go to sleep when the battery is dying out. after it goes to sleep you have to wait with the charging until the computer actually turns off, i.e. no longer sleeps. only then will the battery reset and make sure you charge it fully afterwards, i.e. leave it charging overnight. Hope this helps otherwise you might try posting on apple's discussion forums.

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    How do I get the stuff in your menu bar?
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    Over Achiever

    Resetting Battery

    Ah I see what you're saying, it seems that the computer is still in sleep mode when I charge it up. I'll try that tonight. Thank you thank you thank you.


    In my menu bar left to right I have sailing clicker (use my T610 cell phone to control my computer via bluetooth), WeatherPop 2.0, MenuMeters (showing network, memory and CPU usage), and the usual airport, sound, battery, bluetooth, time, user switching, and international support.


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