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Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by Lord Blackadder, Apr 9, 2006.

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    Lord Blackadder

    The following public service announcement is provided by the Blackadder Apple Protection Society (BAPS). The images below are disturbing. You've been warned.

    A friend of mine had a little accident a few days ago. He called me and told me he had spilled "water" into his 1GHz 12" Powerbook, and it wouldn't power on. He was so upset about it he told me he was throwing it away. In order to save it from the trash I volunteered to have a look at it.

    It's wasn't a pretty sight, folks...unless he had been drinking out of a muddy river he lied about the "water", since the interior was stained a cola brown in some areas. The logic board and DC board were covered in chemical salt by-products from the pop+electricity+metal goodness. I carefully cleaned the boards, first manually with a stiff brush and than with a swab and a little circuit board cleaner (denatured alchohol). I got both boards quite clean but as I suspected all was in vain. She's dead, Jim.

    So we have a dead logic board, dead DC board and questionable keyboard. Screen, RAM, optical drive and HDD tested OK, as did AE Wifi card. Looks like a repair bill around $700 anyhow, even if I do the install. I have a possible line on a 12" PB with a dead screen for cheap, so I might be able to bail him out but he'll still be close to repair cost anyway.

    Keep those beverages away from your laptop, kids! This has been a public service announcement. Have a Nice Day. :)

    A couple pics before the cleaning. Most of the corrosion actually came off but the damage had long since been done.

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    Nasty photos Lord Blackadder. :eek:

    ***makes note to self: never get my iBook G4 wet***
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    I had a the same thing happen to a client except it was a pint of Stella on a PB 15"

    He hasn't tried to have it repaired yet, he bought a replacement the next day so he wouldn't have any down time.

    Anyway the lesson here:

    Back up all of your iTunes music and video purchases.

    He didn't, and if his hard drive is toasted, then he's lost $2500+ in iTunes purchases. A sad but preventable loss.
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    Yikes! :eek:

    Hopefully he learned his lesson after that. :eek:
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    Lord Blackadder

    Unfortunately, the design of the top case seems to funnel any liquid running through the keyboard down onto the DC board, which is game over. Not that any other laptop would do better...they need to make waterproof laptops for the accident prone, just like those disposable underwater cameras.:rolleyes:
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    Lord Blackadder

    Update - It looks like a no-hoper; he's given the remains of the laptop to me, a professional repair would be $1000-$1400, according to the local service centers. Ouch! :eek: Even if I did the install myself it would be over $800 in components, so this poor machine will probably be parted out. Screen, HDD, optical drive, AE WiFi card, battery and case are still good. Keyboard is questionable but I have nothing to test it with. I may put the parts up here in the marketplace shortly...

    I was hoping I could possibly get it working for him so we could re-name it lazarus. ;)

    EDIT: Whoops, I forgot that I was the last pos. Mods, feel free to merge. :eek:
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    That really sucks for your friend Black Ladder!

    Poor PowerBook... :( :eek:

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