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powerbook cd drive not working

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by sikkinixx, Mar 10, 2006.

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    uh oh my 12" pb's cd drive aint working... I was just ripping some cd's and then once i put a new on in it took the cd, made a weird buzz...... then another, the it spat the disc back out. i have tried several other cd's and it keeps spitting them back out! i have restarted a few times and i cant figure out what is going on!!! i hate these drives.....
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    is it possible that something could have gotten into the drive, which could be jamming it?
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    unlikely because i took a cd out after ripping it, then put another one in about 30 seconds later and it wouldnt work :(
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    mad jew

    Did any of the disks have stickers on them? Is there a chance some adhesive came off in the drive? In the meantime, try a PRAM reset although it doesn't sound like a software-related problem at this stage. :eek:
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    thanks i will give that a shot, this is bumming me out, i dont wanna have to send this damn thing back to Apple.
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    I had the same thing happen on my 15" PB, when I stick in a DVD/CD it just spits out the disc in like a couple of seconds. I've read on apple discussions where other people have this same problem after a year. Hope someone helps out or I'll need to replace it...
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    i tried the pmu stuff and no go, *sigh* looks like its apple care crap for moi. Do you call up apple and ship it back to them? or bring it back to where i bought it etc.?
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    mad jew


    Yeah, it was a long shot. :eek:

    Whatever's easier for you. :)
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    Cant believe all this crap I have been waiting for some kind of response to do with loading a cd, and still not working, I think I will go back to windows, MAC SORT YOUR **** OUT :eek:

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