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Powerbook Docking Station

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by Stan, Apr 30, 2004.

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    Has anyone out there had any experience using the Bookendz docking station for the Powerbook? I have the 1Gz version, and am considering the dock as my next purchase. How is the connection - rough/smooth? Reliability? Any useful tips? I think the Bookendz seems to be the only one out there.

    Any info would be welcome - thanks.
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    i am using the bookendz with a pb1.25. it's well built and connecting is easy. you have to take care, that all the connectors are in place, though.
  3. 7on
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    I have one for my Titanium. It's pretty good, though I have to reinsert it only after waking it up (the dock will wake up my PB and not detect the builtin LCD). That and once I got a kernel panic from my iSight because I didn't seat my pb correctly. Overall it's been quite good though. The first 4 hours or so will just be snapping it in and popping it out. Eventually it'll get smoother.

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    Mr. Anderson

    you have a link to their site? I'd love to see what the thing looks like.


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    I've always wondered... if you have a docking station does it allow you to operate the computer using an external display and keyboard while the laptop is closed?
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    Only if the computer allows that normally. So yes for PowerBooks and no for iBooks.
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    Anyone have any ideas for 17" Al PB? I can only find for a 15" from BookEndz
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    It looks like this company is/was going to make one, but they don't have it available yet.

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    May I ask how you know that the PowerBook can operate while closed, but the iBook won't? I don't remember reading anything about that when I purchased my powerbook 1Ghz.

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    It's in the Apple Doc's @ www.info.apple.com. Essentially hook up an external keyboard and/or mouse, then close the lid, then wake it up with the keyboard/mouse.

    Personally, I'd leave mine open to allow it to breathe.
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    Whoah, when did they come out with this? I've been wondering if anyone would make one.
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    It would be nice if Apple made some of their current notbooks dockable to an Apple docking station. However, I guess that might make the systems bigger to add the port/mechanism? otherwise, why haven't they done so? :confused:

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