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PowerBook Duo 230 dead?

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by belair, Jul 5, 2004.

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    Hi, I just wanted to ask if my dads old PowerBook Duo 230 is still alive or not? I found it at his house and the only thing left of it is the docking station with the powercord and the laptop itself. I tried to plug it in an turn it on when the laptop is in the dock. I can hear the apple Gong but when I take the portable out and i want to boot it on its one nothing happens.

    The machine itself looks in great shape from the exteriour but I dont know if all the parts inside are still OK. What are the few things I could do to check if the motherboard, HD, battery, is still functionning.

    I would love to get this machine running and install Photoshop 2 an play about a little. Fingers crossed. :p
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    well, if it won't run when unplugged then the battery doesn't work.
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    Seems very obvious now you said it. :eek: Thanks.
    So if I had a powercord I could plug it and work.
    I checked at the back of the machine and there is a plug for power support with the same logo than than on the powerbook 1 ghz just next to it.

    The plug itself is bigger tough. Could I find such a cable on ebay or on an oldmac support site?
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    You can probably get a power adaptor on eBay. But the battery may just be dead and need to charge, and it can charge in the dock, right? How about this: Plug in the dock and leave the computer in it for a day or so, then see if you can take it out and have it work.
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    As I write this the laptop is in the dock and it purs away. I will tell you in 24 hours if I can boot it on its own. Thanks for the advice. :)
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    No life

    Nope I let the powerbook charge for a day an I tried to start it up but it does not make a sound.

    I'll try to fetch a powercord on ebay, I hope its only the battery. :eek:

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