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Powerbook Dying?

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by CRAZYBUBBA, Oct 7, 2007.

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    I awoke today to find my powerbook "On" the fans were not running but the case was very hot and the caps lock key lit up when pressed, something that happens only when the computer is on.

    So, I try to shut the computer down by pressing the power button.It doesn't work so I remove the battery and let the computer cool down.

    After, I starp up the computer, it starts and I can hear the HD begining as well.The keyboard lights up as well.

    The display doesn't work, not even when connected to an external power supply.

    Also, I think the fans aren't coming on for some reason.

    So, effectively I have been able to close/start the computer but there seems to be no video coming out of it.
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    Anyone? Please this is very important.
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    Let it cool down for a while, then try resetting the power manager. Details on how to do that vary depending on your exact model. What type of Powerbook are we talking about here?
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    Hi.It's the PB 12" in my signature. Resetting the PMU hasn't made a difference.
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    Do you have an external monitor to test the display on?

    Also, if I remember correctly, PMU reset on this machine is Command+Option+Shift+Power Button? It should turn right off when you do that if there's power to the machine.
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    I've tested it on an external monitor. It doesn't display anything, the monitor doesn't recognize any input, whereas in the past when plugged in it worked perfectly.

    I've tried the PMU reset. My computer starts okay and shuts down when I tell it to now, just no video.
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    Good news, Bad news, and I'm sure you'll hate me for posting this

    I remember something like that happening to my 2004 PowerBook 1.5ghz, 15". I remember it's fixable if you try but I don't remember how... It's been too long. At least take out the ram and put it back in... Try using it in Target Disk Mode and have another mac boot off it. Do some tests...
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    Thank you!!!!!! It was the RAM... and to think, I was just headed out to buy a cheap windows machine :S

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    Wow.. And I thought I didn't know how to fix it... Yay :)
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    Good to hear you fixed it and buying a POS Windows machine would have been a mistake. I know what its like to have a dying PowerBook but yours is too new to die yet:)
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    Unfortunately, I only have 256mb of ram now. If I sell the 1 gb stick, will it work on someone else's computer?
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    Yes depending on what computer model they are using

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