powerbook external speakers?

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by drewel, Jul 11, 2004.

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    I am in need of some small external speakers to connect to my powerbook to carry with me on the road for presentation purposes. I was looking at Apple Pro Speakers - Harmon Kardon, but the Apple site says only for imacs- I guess because of the jack size. But will these also work with PB? Is there any other speakers someone might recommend?
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    JBL Duets. They are terrific speakers and they can be found for under $40 on the web.
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    Fear not Grasshopper

    A nifty little product from Griffin called iFire will let you connect them to any mac with a firewire jack and audio out jack. I got them for work so I could use the Apple Pro Speakers with our new G5s. Works great, and I think they are the nicest compact 2 speaker system around for what you need. No, I don't have shares in either Griffin or Apple.

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    The apple pro speakers are only for the iMacs because it has some special digital jack that only works with these speakers. However the Harmon Kardon Soundsticks work with my powerbook.
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    the new soundsticks 2 are just great...really great
    i suggest you spend the extra and feel the noise...(yes i know)
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    I ordered some JBL Creature Speakers II with my powerbook... they rock.
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    i was just in the apple store this past sunday and checked out the altec lansing FX 6021 and they were quite stellar. They are quite pricey however. They run 299.00 retail, but I found them on Amazon.com for 209.00 with free shipping. Still a hefty price, but from what I could tell they were stable and impressive. They even come with a remote control- Could be interesting. I also could feel the noise - haha :D
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    I also have the JBL Duets, with my iSub it creates one great system!
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    wow, for $180 i bought a 5.1 set from Logitech (the Z-680's). I got such a good deal because the local Best Buy was no longer carrying them and this was the last box. Obviously not portable, but they are the best multimedia speakers available (better than Klipsch's multimedia offerings, and includes digital audio, Klipsch you need to purchase a digital decoder seperate, for close to the total price of my system). I don't know of any portable speakers that are really any good...why not just buy some really sweet headphones?
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    Sound quality is very subjective thing, it might be more helpful to recommend a quality product that will fit with someones requirements - then let their ears be the judge. I know you are excited about your thing, but if you read the original post they want portable for on the road presentations! :D
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    Try the Bose Mediamates

    They are portable, sound great, allow mixing of 2 sources, have a headphone jack, and are only $99 a pair!
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    has anyone tried out the shure headphones they have on the apple website for 499.00? When it comes more to headphones, I like closed source and have heard very good things about the bose quiet comfort 2, can anyone add a testimony or some insight on either of these 2 headphones?
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    I have the Sony MDR-F1's and they sound excellent with the powerbook...open headphones though.

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