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Powerbook Fans, always on?

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by brikeh, Mar 7, 2006.

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    Just got a new pb 12 inch rev d. After booting up and about twenty minutes with nothing going but safari, adium and iTunes the fans kick in. When I look under activity monitor it seems fine: 10% "user" and 87% "free". Not alot of stuff going on but the fans are still going nuts...whats going on? Got any ideas!? :confused: :eek: :(

    Edit: I think it might be connected to my external drive. WD Passport. Powered through USB! Is this possible? Anyone with similar experiences?
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    What kind of surface is it sitting on?

    Try turning down the performance a little. Maybe tht will help.

    I have a 12" 867Mhz and don't have that kind of fan issue.
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    I have it on a wooden table...
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    you're pushing twice the horsepower I am, so that may contribute.

    Try lifiting it up a little to give some cooling to the bottom. I've used a couple of CD cases when my 15" would get too hot.

    Are all 4 little rubber feet in place?
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    Yeah the rubber feet are all in place, the fan only really bothers me when Ive got something connected to the usb ports though...which sucks since I just bought a new ext drive.
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    The powering through USB could definitely be the problem. Do you always leave this drive on? Maybe try only using it when needed.
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    The thing is its doing it with anything connected to the usb-ports the fans rev up the second i plug something in..its really weird.
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    Are you running Tiger? I've discovered it's Core Image and it's pretty intensive use of the GPU that kicks my fans on all the time. You don't have to be doing much to get the heat up. I just bought a laptop cooling pad with fans and that keeps them off 90% of the time unless I'm doing something really GPU intensive.
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    Yeah Im running tiger, but it seems to be directly connected with the USB-Ports
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    Along the same lines, I feel like my fans are more prone to become active since I've updated to the newest version of 10.4 through Software Update. Can anyone else confirm this?
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    I don't know about fans being more active, but I have noticed mine running a little hotter since then. strange.
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    I was actually thinking of asking this same exact question, but you beat me to it. I have had the same problem with my PowerBook ever since I connected my external drive via USB 2.0. I also have my PowerBook hooked up to me Dell 20.1" widescreen display so that's definitely using up resources.

    I guess what I am wondering is... is there a way to fix this? I know it's not really a problem, but rather a minor annoyance. I actually just got an iCurve, but I am waiting for my Apple Bluetooth Keyboard to arrive in the mail before I actually use it. Do you think using my iCurve will allow my PowerBook to circulate air much easier and cause less fans to power on? Obviously it will help a little... but how much?

    Sorry for kind of hijacking your thread, brikeh. I figured it was related, so why not take a stab.
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    Thats cool p0intblank cause my next question was gonna be about external monitors too, if you unplug everything except for the monitor are the fans still going heavy or do they calm down. Im contemplating buying a new display for my pb but I dont want the fans to be on at all times as a result of using it. :eek:
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    Sooo, ne1 else have this? Is it just one of those things you have to accept? If you plug anything in the fans rev up...hmmm
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    Isn't there a Temperature monitor available for/in Tiger?
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    Yup...cpu 114 degrees
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    how much fan noise use are we talking here?

    My 12'' PB the fan always runs, no matter what you are doing. Now its not running full bore, but it is running and you can hear it.

    Now when I plug in a 20'' ACD, then the fans get going full throttle.

    So if its just running a fan, thats normal, if its running full throttle fans all the time, than that may be due to the USB HD, not sure.
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    Do you know off a 10.3.9 version?
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    Well its not all that bad, maybe Im being over sensitive but theres a big difference when not using any periph..the fans running alright but not going crazy like, Im just concerned it might be harmful to the computer if the fans are always running.
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    I would be more concerned if it wasn't running, youll burn out you computer faster.
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    Sorry to bring up an old thread but Im still having the problem, I just bought yet another external drive and I want to be able to stream media off the ext hdd rather than keep it on my pb but as soon as I plug anything in to the USB-ports the fans kick in. Is this really normal? I cant recall my last notebook doing this. Anyone else with the 12in pb that has any input?

    Again: Sorry for bringin up the old thread. :rolleyes:
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    I have a fan issue that I've posted about in this thread.

    Mine is a 15" albook though.
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    Thanks...ne1 else. I mean the second I connect my camera/nano/external drive/whatever the fans kick in hardcore and its really pissing me off now.. What the hell. Is this normal behaviour? :mad: :confused: :eek:
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    I just bought a 12" PB too, and I have noticed the fans much more than on my iBook. They are usually constantly on and tend to kick in a bit stronger every now and then just using safari, adium, and iTunes.

    I think this is just because they are stronger computers than the iBooks. The processor is faster, better graphics card, 2x the harddrive, etc.
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    My fans on my 12inch 1.5ghz pb never come on? :)
    I have usually only adium, mail, safari running.. but even when i have safari, mail,adium,itunes,word,notes,azerus,limewire pro running it never comes on either.. so im not sure why your guys fans are always on.. my palm rest can get warm here and there, but never to hot where i can't rest them on there.. idk

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