PowerBook for MacBook?

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by Dagless, Nov 17, 2006.

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    A little funny story.
    My Gran has been after a computer for a long time now. She's been saying she wants a laptop (she travels loads) over a chunky desktop. No iMac as luggage handlers won't be nice to her. So it's laptop. She asked "what's the smallest Apple laptop I can get?" (since there's no viruses or rubbish like that!). I told her about the 13" MacBook and went on about it's got a very powerful CPU in there.
    She said "But I don't want too much power, I just want to use the internet". So she glances at my 12" PowerBook... "what size is that?". She wants it.

    Basically she's offering to buy my 12" PowerBook and give me enough for a new MacBook. Silly I know, but hey I'm not going to argue :D

    What should I do? I mean the PowerBook is my first Mac. I find it incredibly beautiful, the aluminium, the best keyboard I've ever used, the size.
    But then theres the MacBook. brighter screen, faster CPU but without the same industrial look, and don't get me started on that keyboard! It would have to be the absolute low end MacBook too so no Superdrive.

    I mean I just got an iMac so I've the Bootcamp/future proof card is already in my pack :) tough decision I reckon...
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    If you've got the iMac, I say just let her buy a base MacBook. Either computer is going to be overkill for her needs, and since it'll cost her the same either way, she might as well enjoy the benefit of buying something brand new.

    And if you don't like the MB keyboard, I wouldn't part with a PowerBook one--it's amazing how much a computer can be ruined by a poor tactile experience--whether it's the familiar cold of the aluminum or the solid feel of a good keyboard. With the iMac, you're not lacking for power, so it seems fairly straightforward to me.

    That's just my take, though.
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    Why not get her a 12" iBook for real cheap? :)
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    Eh, I've got a nice Macbook, 2 gb memory and 160 gb hard drive. I'll be honest though, there are more days than not when I wish I had a sexy 12'' Powerbook typing away. For the stuff I do, there is negligible speed difference, at least for the most part, and I really like the look/feel of the 12'' Powerbook much more.

    I've always had aluminum Powerbooks, so downgrading to a chintzy looking/feeling plastic Macbook is like using an old iBook (for which I used to scoff at my friends with their iBooks b/c my PB's were always so sexy). I have now joined all my friends who would walk around college with their gross iBooks because they got an edu discount and couldn't afford anything more, or were too cheap to upgrade to the "OL" (Orgasmic Line) of Apple notebooks. Maybe it's a personal problem, but I like the Powerbook's more for the way they make me feel when using them :)
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    Jiddick ExRex

    Keep it for the love of all that's holy and beatiful. I would never part with such a great piece of technology!
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    Man, you really hate iBooks:eek:

    And to the OP:

    I know the PB is aluminium, and it's small, and the keyboards very nice etc, but IMO, the MB has way more advantages over the PB: it's like 3-4 times faster, it can support more RAM, bigger HD, it has front row and remote, isight, longer battery life, better airport reception, right click by tapping 2 fings on the trackpad:D, magsafe etc, AND THE SCREEN!!! OMFG!!! If I'm working on my MB, and then look at my mom's 12" PB's screen, it looks like it's off! Your eyes have to adjust for a few minutes to even see what's on the screen. You can also work outside with the MB, in sunlight. Try doing that with the PB;)
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    Something to think about - can you get her to an Apple Store to try to use the Macbook so she can compare reading on the screen.

    Mum has a 12" iBook and while she's used it every day for 2 years plus, she has complained recently that she'd prefer something with a slightly bigger screen since her eyesight is getting to the point that she needs reading glasses occasionally and by the time the Dock is at a useful size for her, it doesn't leave her much working room - and she's just using internet/mail/Office.
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    The Macbook isn't any higher a resolution though. Juts a alittle wider than the 12".

    I'm juggling with the same question as the OP. My parents want my powerbook (naturally they'll get it off me cheap, but that isn't the point). I'm potentially gonna replace the poerbook with a black macbook (i can't face having a white laptop). I certainly need the extra cpu power (my main app is now multithreaded too), the extra memory, extra disk space, the width and clarity of the display, the superdrive, the new trackpad......

    umm not sure why i'm waiting :) oh yeah a small mbp is coming in january that's why (ok it's a guess but L7400 low voltage chips are released in january...perfect for a macbook nano/mini).
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    Jiddick ExRex

    Wrong. There is a world of difference from 1024 x 768 to 1280 x 800. The macbook has way more elbowing room IMO. However, it's not the best choice if she is unable to see much, as a higher res will only make most things smaller (c'mon Leopard, we're counting on you!).
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    The MacBook's display is at a higher res than the 12" PowerBook in all direction. (1280 by 800 compared to 1024 by 768)

    The powerbook does have a dedicated graphics card (even though its only a Nvidia 5200 go (64 mb DDR ram), which is still better than the MacBook's intergrated Intel 950 graphics card.)

    I have a PowerBook and the aluminium look amazing.. :D

    Edit: Jiddick ExRex bet me to it
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    As long as ther's no 12" MBP I would not sell it.
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    Though, enaugh money may change my mind ;)
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    It's minutey bigger though as well as minutely more pixels. So the effect is more or less the same resolution.

    The extra width at the same res would be nice too though.

    Hmm talking myself into this...

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    I agree.

    Take her to your local Apple Store and have her take a look at the MacBooks
    and the iMacs while you're at it.

    You may finds that she'll be happier with a mid level iMac for screen real estate
    and form factor.
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    The problem with the iMac is logistics. She wants to be able to carry it in hand luggage on the plane. But yea, the 17" is perfect for her otherwise. Nice juicy screen, minimal system size etc.

    I never thought about the iBook! I'll have to tell her about them. I think I'll be sticking with my PowerBook after all. The screen and benefits of the Mac Book aren't needed, what with my own iMac. Since me and a mate are writing a short TV series so we're going to need something excellent to write on.

    Just wish I had a SuperDrive on my PB and I'd never consider selling this :)

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