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Powerbook g3 internal keyboard doesn't work

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by In-Correct, Aug 30, 2011.

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    external keyboard works. :) should i replace internal keyboard? :confused: do they break often? do they get too hot? :eek: it is in air conditioned room. I am on using it the most often. ...but with an external keyboard. ;) what external keyboards do you recommend? please tell me...as I am borrowing a keyboard from one of my imacs. ;) I prefer an :apple: apple/macally one lol ...and I would like an "extended" one, with hot keys...especially the Power Button. ...and if corded, a LONG one ... or I could get a USB extension cord lol. :)
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    My powerbook g4's keyboard went once (key caps came off/keys did not work). i got a new one off of ebay and has worked fine for 2+years. any apple usb keyboard will work. but i do not know abot the power butten on the kb working on a Powerbook?
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    Yes It will work lol:

    tried it just now. connected to powerbook. yes...if usb kb has a power button...pushing it will get a prompt to appear...asks about

    restart ... sleep ... cancel ... shut down.


    perhaps I will replace internal keyboard later ... if goes bad again ... would guess logic board have bad connection. not have 2nd powerbook to test internal keyboard.

    as for usb ones....I will look on ebay. :)

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