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Powerbook G3 Lombard Processor

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by kzg, Oct 2, 2005.

  1. kzg
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    I've recently received a Powerbook G3 Lombard with a 333Mhz processor, I also have acessor to a 400mhz processor from a Pismo. Does anyone know wether or not i can upgrade the lombard with the pismo processor?
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    Even if you could, would it be worth it to take apart a full functional computer for a 67mhz upgrade?
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    Cannot be done.

    Lombards and Pismo's cannot interchange CPU modules.
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    Not commenting on if you could or couldn't use a Pismo processor in a Lombard (that has already been spoke to), but taking apart any PowerBook G3 is not a big task (to get access to the processor, memory and hard drive).

    The basic design of these systems (in terms of accessibility) are radically different from any PowerBook/iBook systems Apple has ever made. They are very easy to service.
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    Why not? They both use PowerPC 750 processors - isn't it technically possible, but not practical? Or am I failing to take different cache sizes and whatnot into account? :eek:

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