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Powerbook G3 OS question

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by PrimalFear, Nov 7, 2006.

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    I picked up a Apple PowerBook G3 & want to upgrade the OS.
    It is currently OS9, I would like to upgrade to OSX if that is possible.
    I have OSX 10.4 build, but I keep getting a message when I attempt to install the OS that this computer is not compatable with this version of Mac OS.

    I had a gander at the apple site & the PowerBook G3 is listed as upgradable to OSX as long as it has Firewire.

    Q1? How do I tell if this laptop is firewire ready?
    Q2? If its not, are there any upgrades to OS9 that I can make?

    Thanks for any help folks.
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    A1. If it has a firewire port.
    A2. you can definitely install OSX 10.2 on there.
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    Thanks bartelby

    Has anyone any idea where I can get version 10.2?
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    You may be able to get 10.4 on there with XPostFacto.
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    Thanks PygmySurfer
    I'll have a gander :)

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