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PowerBook G4 12" Alum 1GHz Display Issue

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by Sawtooth811, Sep 3, 2009.

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    Hi, again. I've recently purchased a broken 1GHz Alum PowerBook G4 12", and the display isn't working. I have a total of two 12" PowerBook displays, and I've tested both. They've worked perfectly fine. Then I've tried reseting the PMU and PRAM, no luck, but they've attempted to work. Tried the Mini-DVI to VGA adapter with my display, still no luck. The keyboard, optical drive, and hard drive works as if it was booting, and there was always a clear chime, even when I've reset the PRAM and PMU (the beep sound when PRAM also attempted). I've inserted a Leopard install disk, and it sounded like it was working perfectly fine. Any Help? Hopefully it's not a motherboard issue! Thanks
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    So no display on the Powerbook's screen nor an external?

    Sounds like the GPU is dead. Which means it's a logic board replacement in order to fix it...
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    I thought there was a way to fix that, including with a 12" iBook. I've seen pictures of someone soldering something on an iBook motherboard to get the video working again....
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    I've taken it apart again. I've felt the GPU, and it gets very hot within 15 seconds. Is that a sign?

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