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Powerbook G4 (12") Battery won't take charge

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by shmoe010, Aug 3, 2007.

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    I own a Powerbook G4 12" and am currently running OS X 10.4 About a year after I purchased it, the battery that came with it stopped taking a charge. I scoured different message boards and Apple's web site for answers and came up empty. So I bought a new battery, and now, a month after having the new battery, I'm having the same problem. I've tried removing the battery, updating my software, and all the other suggestions the Apple web site offers.

    Right now my battery is stuck at 4% and when I click the battery icon it is stuck at "Calculating... until full." Has anyone else had a problem like this or been able to fix it? I bought this laptop for convenience because I'm on the road a lot, but without a working battery it might as well be a paperweight. This was my first Apple product and I've gotta say I'm pretty disappointed. I don't think I should have to shell out another $120 for a third battery.
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    Have you tried this yet?
    Or what I would do is if you have a store near you ask them to charge you battery. To see if you charger is bad not just the battery
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    1) You might simply have a bad battery, it's not Apple's fault that Sony or whomever can't seem to get them right.

    2) Have you run the G4 battery update utility?
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    Check to see if your battery is on the recall list. If it is, new battery!

    Sorry I don't have the link for you, but I'm sure someone will post it. :apple:
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    Yes, I have run the update utility, and the PMU reset to no avail.

    My battery doesn't qualify for the Battery Recall :(

    The batteries are two different brands. After the one that came with the powerbook failed and I read about the battery recalls, I purchased a different brand for my replacement one hoping to avoid a repeat of the problem.
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    You may be able to scoop one up on Ebay for a decent price. Sorry to hear of your misfortune.
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    So you bought an off brand not apple. I would return it from where you got it to get a refund. Then buy an apple battery
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    I've got a 1.67 GHz PB G4 and 4 batteries for it all will under 30 cycles. Find out if the battery you need is compatible with the ones I have and I might be nice enough to sell you one. PM me.
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    I don't think a 15" battery will work in a 12" Since yours is a 1.67ghz
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    Yes I guess I will try that, although my first battery was an Apple one and had the same problem.

    It just seemed to me that it was more likely the computer itself, given that I had an identical problem with two different batteries of different brands bought a year apart...
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    Well I guess it depends on what model you have. Since battery don't last for ever you know
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    IJ Reilly

    I agree, two batteries with an identical problem does not logically sound like a problem with the batteries. Is the charge actually reaching only 4%, i.e., does the Mac shut down shortly after you unplug it from the charger?
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    Yes, if I unplug it, it can run for a couple of minutes and then it shuts off.
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    IJ Reilly

    Okay. I strongly suspect the charger is at fault. If you can get yourself into an Apple store, they might be able to dig up a charger for this Mac for testing purposes. Unless of course you know somebody else who's got one. I'm pretty sure all of the G4 PowerBooks used the same charger.
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    Alright, thats an interesting suggestion. I think I know someone with 15" G4. :)

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