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Powerbook G4 12" grey screen and nothing else

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by jocool5, Jan 20, 2006.

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    Hi all I have a serrious problem,

    I turned on my powerbook this morning and usualy i get the grey weel and the apple logo. I dont see any of that, and i can't get to the login as i cant see any of the screen. Is there a fix or is my laptop screen dead? I know it can boot up and it makes that noise when i turn the volume up or down, the screen brightness buttons work, but I cant see the screen.

    Thanks in advance
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    Sounds like kernel panic. Do you have your install discs? Check this thread for some really useful information about it and possible causes. OS X Kernel Panic FAQ
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    No i dont even have the pleasure of a kernal panic. I can't see anything but i know the computer is on and can boot. I was able to start Itues from the speeknig command. I can target disk mode to it and everything is there i used the R on boot to reset the screen as suggested by one of my friends. I zaped the Pram as well. I still get the gray screen. I think that the internal connector to the monitor is not fuunctioning.
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    probably ur display cable or invertor board can u hook it up to a external monitor and check ?
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    mad jew

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    Trouble shooting and here is what i got

    well i think i've got it. It has to be hardware. As for the suggestion about Pram and other key commands. They didn't work. However i think it is a hardware problem. Here's why. I can use my mini-dvi out and see my normal screen but the laptop monitor is grey. I can tap on the power connection side and the screen will flicker on and sometimes even stay on! I called applecare "they have never had this kind of issue before" they want me to send it in, but it could fix it's self on the way there as bumps will make it work for about a day. Just some more problems. I have only had the computer for 5 days and it is broke. Also i am a switcher so this i will remember for a while.
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    mad jew

    Hopefully and most probably it's just a loose GPU connection and it should be cheap and easy to fix, although they're pretty famous last words. :eek:
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    Yeah the last words are famous but the people at apple care were total a**holes. I have the screen working now and applecare is sending me a box, so i wonder when this problem will occure again. Other than this problem i am totaly loving the machine, the support is just killing me.

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