Powerbook G4 17-inch Battery Replacement

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by syst.m, Dec 12, 2009.

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    Can anyone recommend a 17-inch battery replacement for a Powerbook G4? I would like to spend less money (actually much less) on this rather than the $130 Apple battery. Any suggestions?
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    Have you checked out ebay for batteries?
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    Yeah, was kind worried about getting a used one, you really have no idea what your getting.
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    If you request, and it is a good seller, they should provide the number of cycles, and percent life left, if they do not, move onto another seller
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    What is good as far as cycles & % of life left? Maybe tell me good, bad & decent.
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    I'm not very familiar with laptops, always had a desktop. Its for my girlfriends laptop.
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    Ideally you would want to shoot for the fewest cycles, and the highest percentage of life left.

    To be honest, you would be better off biting the bullet, and buying a new battery, unless you plan to replace the computer soon, you can also check 3rd party battery manufacturers, they may have something
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    That's more what I was wondering, has anyone tried and had a really good experience with a 3rd party battery manufacturer?
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    yeah, my 12" PowerBook is sporting a battery from fastmac. the prices start at $99 and it's been 3 years and i'm still getting close to 3.5 hours (5 hours with everything off and dimmed). their batteries supposedly have more life than apple's stock. only cosmetic problem i have is that the color doesn't exactly match the aluminum casing. i also bought an off brand ac adapter there, cheap and great for leaving at the parents house.

    the only problem is that the site feels a bit flakey. i placed an order for a MBP battery and after 4 days, it still reads as 'processing.' i've written their customer service and i'm still waiting for a reply.

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