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Powerbook G4 876 Mhz 12"

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by iEric, May 12, 2004.

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    1) Will the PB G4 876 Mhz 12" recongnize a 1 GB stick of ram?
    2) Is it possible for me to replace the built-in ram with a stick of 256 or 512? Or is it not a stick [stuck onto the MotherB]?

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    Check out www.crucial.com . It will tell you what ram and what sizes are compatable.
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    IJ Reilly

    I believe the internal RAM isn't soldiered in, but to replace it, you'd need to open the computer and void the warranty.
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    1) yes, you can use the 1 GB module on 867 12" PB rev. A.

    2) no, it's soldered on the mobo and can't be removed. (without going through a great deal of trouble, that is...)
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    thanks everyone. btw...do you think i really need 670 mb of ram for just internet, word processing sometimes video, music via itunes....

    or should i jsut get a stick of 256? so i have a total of 378 something
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    just get ther 512 MB. you probably don't *need* it, but the price isn't that much more and you will have a much more pleasant time using the computer... especially should you decide to "expand" the use of the computer in the future. (i know i have... never thought i'd be making movies when i bought my PB.)
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    Can the Rev. A really take the 1 gig chip? Crucial.com doesn't sell one if you use the memory configurator. I read somewhere on these boards that it won't take it. It might work in theory, but I think there is a glitch somewhere. I anyone here succesfully installed 1 gig?
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    i've never seen that claim here at MR. all indications are that it will work fine. the only reason its max was listed by apple at 640 was because 512 was the biggest commonly available at the time of PB 12" introduction. now that there are 1 GB modules available, they work.
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    i was getting ready to post that 640 was the max. thanks for straightening me out. *Gulp* I only have 256 and I do movies and photoshop... talk about (edit: a) needed a RAM upgrade... :D

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