PowerBook G4 (Alu) Freezing - Help?

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by killmoms, Jul 28, 2004.

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    Hey all,

    So I've owned my 15" PowerBook G4 (1.25GHz, one of the first runs of the Alu 15") for about 10 months now (give or take, I can't quite remember, I got this about a week after they were introduced last year), and except for those white spots which I got repaired, I've loved it. It's been rock-solid stable, and lots of fun to use. For the past three months, it has also been my primary computer. My Athlon desktop PC died at the end of the school year, and my diagnosis has been that it needs a new motherboard. However, due to financial worries, I couldn't fix it immediately. Now I just haven't fixed it because the PowerBook has fulfilled my needs. I'll probably get it up and running in time for Doom 3, but anyway...

    HERE'S THE PROBLEM (in case you decided to skip my rambling): just today my PowerBook has started randomly freezing. It doesn't seem to have any set pattern—there's nothing I'm doing specifically that seems to cause it as far as I can tell. I'm always listening to music in iTunes at the time, and my only indication that it has happened is that the music stops playing. The mouse (Bluetooth, no less) continues to respond, but I can't interact with everything onscreen, nor can I use Opt+Cmd+Escape. It's just frozen. Nor do I get a kernel panic notification. The only thing I can do is force-restart using Ctrl+Cmd+Power. All in all, it's very mysterious.

    I was wondering if anyone here knew of any logs or such that I could look at to see what's going on with these crashes. It has happened THREE times today, and each time it has been annoying. I've always bragged of how stable this thing has been, and now it's more spastic than my last girlfriend. Just so you know, my typical software load is Finder, Adium, Mail, Safari, sometimes Colloquy (IRC client), iTunes, Stickies, and Suitcase X1, as well as little utilities like APE/ShapeShifter, Konfabulator, DeskCover, etc. I also run USB Overdrive to help control my Logitech MX900 mouse. I'd like to point out that this has been my stable software loadout for the last few months with no changes. System details are in the sig.

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    One *bump* and I'm done. No one has any idea? I'd really rather not have to back up all my personal stuff, wipe it, and reinstall Panther.

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    Check the airport card seating. Take it out and put it back in again. If it's come loose a little it can cause problems like this from what I've been told. Hope that's the issue because it's a very simple fix. Otherwise, one of your RAM sticks could be bad or loose. If airport doesn't fix it try and reseat. Doesn't sound like an OS problem though.


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