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    Yesterday I installed the various new updates from Mac. All five items updated, the computer went to reboot and a totally blue screen is all that came up. Tried to restart several times with the same result - blue screen.
    Any suggestions on where or what I need to do before I go into a panic mode. [OS Leopard] Thanks in advance.
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    How long did you wait before doing a forced restart?

    Some updates on my powerbook G4 caused it to have a blue screen for several minutes. It is still installing stuf then. Just let it sit and wait. If after several hours nothing happened, then worry.

    You can always boot from DVD and use diskutility to check and repair the drive. If still no succes, do an archive and install.
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    I had waited about 30 minutes. So now I guess I move into panic mode!
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    I updated to 10.5.8 yesterday too on my G4 PB. Seemed to froze when it said it was patching something so I forced restarted. It restarted again after that on it's own after a few minutes and then took a few more minutes to finish the update and all was good and booted to my desktop.

    I do remember seeing the blue screen for maybe 3 minutes tho... not 30.

    30 minutes does seem too excessive but I have heard of those long times before. Maybe you should have let it sit overnight?
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    I let it sit overnight and today I turned the power on, was gone for 10 hours, came home and blue screen dominated the scene. Now that I am desperate and depressed I'll truck up to the Genius Bar tomorrow and wait for the official bad news.
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    do a force power down and let it sit for a few min. Then turn it back on and boot from the DVD. Maybe you can do some repairs in Disk Utility?

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